Monday, December 8, 2008

Thousands of Kameyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Romania is willing to return to the slag from the dawn Street, at dawn on the west side of the secondary hillside along a secluded mountain road in the song rock peaks in Danxia through, about 1 hour later, you will crawl to a large piece of exposed and wind into giant Pianpian Squamous the rock, which is thousands of Kameyama. It's like a giant scale rock weathering, the formation of a unique landscape. First of all, see the "peak of the Buddha," the great peaks of the upright, at the top of the "weathering giant scale," a circle and spiral, the lower half is exposed to the Chi-Hong Shan Bi, standing opposite to see it, like Huge Buddha head, You Si upon a cliff of Ganoderma lucidum, it is also called the "peak of Ganoderma lucidum." You Panzhao "huge scale" light On the peak, this time for your friends across the photographs, extremely spectacular. "Buddha's peak" on the eastern side, you see the second scene of "thousands of turtle races." This is a large area by the "huge scale" neatly arranged in the hillside, each "giant scale" is crawling like a tortoise, and look carefully, you will find this Hundred thousands of stone turtle composed of the slope, more Yousi a huge turtle crawling in the big turtle and tortoise crawling in the direction, the sun is rising is the East. As a result of this wonderful landscape, here was called "Kameyama thousand." Kameyama, you might see in the winter, thousands of South Point, far from the main peak viewing Laojunshan gold market Ai Snow. There are thousands of cliffs in Kameyama, Du Feng isolated, steep, and other flower Miao Jing, also worth pondering in detail.

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