Monday, December 8, 2008

Lin Yongsheng Tumulus and the ancient city sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lin Tumulus hidden in the "management" of the East, white pine and cypress hill, about 3 square kilometers in the region, the distribution of 10,000 on his tomb to stay, there are identifiable inscriptions of 3000. Since the beginning of the Ming Tombs during the first year of Wanli (1573), Up to the early Republican era, especially in the majority of the Qing Dynasty. With the three into the mystery Lin grave, you can clearly see the context attractions. First of all, it's brilliant mystery. You will find all the tombs are carved Qingshi base, and is Kouzhe "cap stone" architectural style, some of the legislation also table YOUNG presentation of the prominent owner, and some carved totem animal, the first tomb built Ming Jiajing in the years up to Is the Qing Dynasty. The scale of this rare group of ancient tombs, only 20,000 of the population stay, he is a miracle, and then he was keeping what kind of a nation, it is not aware of a mystery. It was followed by the complex mystery of Chinese culture. You will notice that he can hold people have their own language, and Lin's monument Tumulus None the use of regular script Chinese characters, and the strict terms, expressions and norms of the Central Plains as tombs, more than recorded in the Ming troops and the local indigenous people in the early integration of historical facts. And the top part of a tablet frame content for more than a strong Confucian rhetoric auspicious color, such as "good domain", "stay-British air stone tablets, a wind-jen future." This is the reality of Health They said that during his stay with the written Chinese language coincide with the situation, he can hold people for a long time ago, and Han is a constituency? It is the third of cloth out the mystery. Careful, you could find that the grave Lin family name to be divided into different Area, in the name of a funeral Area, never mix, he's keeping all the family name also has its own Area, this grave Graves Hill Forest of Stone Tablets, a branch of the Yi Wang of the four major ethnic keep his burial area, is the way in the south, sea, blue Sanxing family funeral, is central to The Wang family funeral, seem to have a common boundary, And a linked. According to the inscription, we can see that in addition to three individual monument out side by side, often side by side Shuangbei of monogamy buried together . The silence as if Graves is a strict system of the armed forces, it shows you what? According to the ancient city ruins in the tight-lin Tumulus south, where East, North, South Hill on three sides, is open to the west slope from east to west, each about 500 meters north-south, the city was in on three sides Ping Shan Building on the city wall there, look at this Left Can imagine it was the easily defensible. But 100 years ago, it was destroyed as a mystery, and not from a return to his stay in close proximity of the city. Now the villages on the site called the village of Sai Ying Pun, all the villagers have been moved after the Han. Into the site, you can Ying Pun in the village along the eastern side of the village, to find Breaking the old mark of ancient drains and the lions of the Shing Mun platform, as well as a number of ancient stone well, cover a few paragraphs in the bushes off the base of the wall. On the eastern side of the site is called a "temple monks," the monuments scattered debris Duanbei Cisi can guess when the flourishing incense; one on the south side of the site called "Mei Yun-dong," the old quarry area, cliff North wins, there is soil, know-ray high-title fight in 1661 in the inscriptions: "Who in the world Chao, a total of sitting in the white clouds," flamboyant dance, free high-Zhi off the handwriting-you card is only in this city of mystery, like there have been brilliant .

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