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Dongba Wall Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongba Naxi Dongba culture of the murals is an important part. Dongba kiosk-wall galleries, Dongba painting by the way, the image of the panoramic display of the Naxi ethnic thinking and wisdom, such as the world outlook, ideals, beliefs, production, life, and so on. The first (wall) piece of wall paintings show Naxi Dongba Of the world. Naxi Ren believes that good and evil, and evil is being produced at the same time, they perish at the same time. So close to the ideological point of view of materialism. Naxi people have the courage to face the world is full of contradictions, they are hardworking, brave, good and evil clearly. Naxi is a great nation. Legend has it that, a century ago, To upload a beautiful voice, a good fortune out on the floor of gas, they combine with each other, into a white egg and a black eggs. After the earth thousands of years of breeding, hatching egg white human ancestors, and hatching eggs from the ancestors of the supernatural, so the world came into being. And evil in the human struggle in the growth of the bureau If that Luo Kamiyama, so the top Tianzhu, defense Amamiya end of the world. Human and evil, and fight natural disasters, have narrowly escaped extinction several times, the last remaining of a young man he called a little forbearance Cong Seoul. After the disaster, God help the National Association slightly forbearance, to the Father in heaven to the main Lao Apu marriage, married women lining red white-day life, Health Three sons. Three sons, but will not speak. Later, the gods instruct them to worship Heaven, three sons finally speak up. Tibetan language spoken boss, became the ancestors of the Tibetans; second speak Naxi language, became the ancestors of the Naxi; third language spoken Bai, Bai has become the ancestors. Since ancient times, Naxi people Good at accepting foreign and national culture. According to statistics, by the Naxi people in cultural and educational level of intelligence and the proportion of Korean-Chinese and Manchu came in after the third area of concern. Chinese Naxi is the best one of the nation. The second (Western Wall) of this is the Naxi Dongba murals on the awareness and causal relationship between the collar Crystallization. In the middle part of plans for the starling, similar to the Taoist Bagua map. Suangua Naxi, fierce test, Kyrgyzstan and evil, on this criterion. The whole mural is divided into three; upper picture of heaven; middle photo shows the world; The photo shows the lower hell. Naxi the world from this three-tier structure, was able to stability Which are indispensable. There are also human good and evil, good or bad. The human world, to do good and more people are able to ascend to heaven; perpetrators, it must be hell in there by a variety of criminal punishment. Third (in the south wall) Naxi people living in their beautiful homes, in their own country Work, harvesting the fruits of their labor. Naxi people believe that the work of human wealth, are nature's gift. All production and living must comply with the laws of nature and the Dongba scriptures criteria. Wood into the mountains, hunting, fishing or lower river, we must make legitimate claims and will never allow the waves . If the people's production and living contrary to the guidelines established by the Dongba, people often come to disaster. Naxi wind festival held each year a ceremony to worship God and the natural mountain. Fourth (in the north wall) of this mural Dongba, the Naxi is a black-and-white war scenes. Since ancient times, in order to , The Naxi people not war, peace-loving. However, the Naxi people have a strong spirit of resistance, in order to justice, they will recklessly take up arms and fight the evil. They have to defend their homes, in exchange for a better life, they yearn for peace and prosperity. This is the Naxi war criteria. Phase Very old, the land is divided into two black and white. Murray and sent to the department headed by the Lord, is the forces of evil, is the devil; sent to the White Murray for the owner of the commander in chief, is the power of justice, human. Hate the forces of evil in human life in the beautiful world of the well-being, they launched a war to snatch the home of human life. People In Murray, led by the owner, to take up arms, and Murray led by the Department of the main forces of evil heroic struggle of life and death struggle. Finally, justice prevailed over evil, light over darkness. The protection of human homes, safe, well-being to live in beautiful homes. Part V (north to the south wall) of this Pakistan Yulong mural showing a third country. Xun Qing Ming and Qing Dynasties is the only form of Naxi culture. At that time, many of the Central Plains accepted the Naxi culture, feudal ethical code by the five permanent members of Sangang, Naxi young men and women, although love is the freedom of marriage is dominated by the parents, arranged, so have a lot of grief the death of love . According to legend, a young male ex-yu up next to Le, a young woman opened the United States and ordered payment. They Enenaiai, Shanmenghaishi, faithful, set for life. But, on the eve of marriage, men and love God soil structure and the public love iQue main female witch main temptation, both beautiful Yulong agreed to a third country. There, no War, there is no evil, red when the tiger mounts, Bai Lu of cattle when, for crane Kai-ming, did not fly and mosquito problem, Yulong mountain for a pillow, as the Jinsha River belt, is an absolute nirvana of fresh flowers everywhere in the world. Naturally, the Yulong feudal society into a third country to pursue holy men and women of the highest state of love. Naxi Wind Festival to be held a ceremony to the spirits of their dead. Part VI (North Wall to the north) of this mural Dongba, the Naxi to show respect for nature, they are determined to live in harmony with nature, the protection of the human environment of the scene. Naxi people are not indiscriminate felling the mountains, hunting is not arbitrary; under Fishing into chaos, the Prevention of Cruelty to water, not water pollution. They believe that all human wealth and health, breathing human beings every breath, every water, eating a bowl of rice each and every piece of clothing to wear, are nature's gift. Therefore, the Naxi people have to sacrifice nature of God, that respect for nature, to thank. This belief is also East Bashi Luo set by the rules and guidelines.

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