Monday, December 8, 2008

Huaping rock water falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rock Falls is located in water Le Brunei Lisu Village, Tsing Lung Heung, straight from the Huaping county seat 11 kilometers. Wang was rock fan-shaped folder, pouring water from a height and 100 meters, could be described as "three thousand feet down Fei Liu, the suspect is charged Galaxy nine days." Especially in rain season, the momentum Bang Bao, splashing water, water vapor dim, the sound of Zhener waterfall. In case of the sun There are rainbow mapping, all the more magnificent. At the end of a rock cave, about the same, about 500 square meters of space inside to form a spacious hall. Office of columns at the end of the proliferation of thousands; Office of stone-top milk upside down, spread all over, water drip, attractive. Falls of water hole about 20 meters into a large reservoirs, To call "eye-chuen." Lisu, Miao-chuen, as the people of this holy water, water every year to eye, is said to be the treatment of eye diseases. This goes on, there are legends: Tulsa gods to split open days, and then seven people bring up every day. At that time, a man named Wang-chang of the devil, specifically to eat human eyes, those who create Tulsa Chang Wang was eating has become a blind eye, from Tulsa in Tianhe had cited a Xianshui, people with this Xianshui Xile Lian, and grow eyes, vision, which is so far Xianshui flow of water falls Dragon . Water around the scenic rock falls, in its south-west of the depths of the dense forest, is the Lisu Tang The public uprising center cottage (to Wang Ping). First year of the Qing dynasty (1821) the first month, the Lisu people in more Jiegan uprising, Tang Gong Tui for the "prime sites" against the feudal lords Code to sell the Lisu farming territory, up more than 10,000 people, took over the North Wing, Yao And other places. Qing Qing court sent the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Paul Yun rate, Guizhou, and Sichuan More than 30,000 forces to suppress. In September that year, the failure of the uprising, at the expense of Tang. In recent years, have gathered here holds Yijun, and other artifacts. Wang Ping and heritage as a county-level units.

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