Monday, December 8, 2008

The first Yangtze River Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pentium south of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from the Jinsha River, Lancang River, Nujiang three major rivers in the north-south Yunling, Nushan, three major mountain ranges of Gaoligongshan gripping, in the territory of Yunnan Province in the northwest to form the "Three Parallel Rivers" in the world Wonders. Jinsha means the upper reaches of the Yangtze River from the mouth of Batang County, Yushu in Qinghai Province to the city of Yibin in Sichuan Minjiang For a total length of 2308 km. Legend has it that in the past along the river in the vicinity of the residents had taken gold sand, so called the Jinsha River. It outflow of Qinghai, Tibet, from entering the Deqin County, Yunnan Province, to continue to nanliu Hengduan Mountains, in Lijiang County town of Shek Kwu all of a sudden break to the north-east, forming a large V-shaped bend called the "Yangtze River Bay in the first." Naxi Here, said the "assassination of Pakistan", which means Tigers or tiger flower family. Poetry adage goes: "Jiang Liu into this downturn, the growth of the Central Plains Benru concept." Jiangwan on the origin of folklore: the Nu River, Lancang River and Jinsha River Three sisters travel together, halfway dispute, the eldest sister, stubbornly Erjie The south, the Girl determined to go to the sun rising in the East to look for light and love, to the ancient drums, bid farewell to two sisters, decided to turn to the East. Sands turned to the girl, on the Yangtze River has become the first Bay. The first Yangtze River water around the Bay Hill ying, and picturesque scenery. Jiang Liu here to open flat, with the river bank, such as Liu Lin, range upon range of hills around there are overlapping peaks Yunling surrounded by rolling mountains, layers of terraced hillside coil, and Jiangmen Ping, tile homes connected to the village, enjoy "southern" in the world. Shek Kwu town 70 kilometers away from Lijiang county. Jinsha River flows in the corner of the small hill built Diaocheng side of the drum-shaped white marble monument, therefore, Shek Kwu named. Stone diameter 1 5 meters, the Department of Jiajing 27 years to 40 years in the Ming Dynasty (1548-1561 years), Li Zhi Fu-earth high into the north spit out the bud, after winning the Arc de Triomphe monument credit, both sides are incised inscriptions on stone tablets. Shek Kwu broad river crossing, to ease water potential suitable for ferry has always been vital importance for the military. Phase Three Kingdoms period, Liang put down South Africa and China, this "cross May Lu" (Lu Gu Cheng Jinsha River water); Year in 1253, Kublai Khan in the "Phascolosoma crossing." In April 1936, the Second Front in??????He Long, Ren Bishi, led by Xiao Ke, crossing from north to the anti-Japanese. After the liberation, Shek Kwu high slope behind the monument, built a monument 8.1 meters high, "Ferry Red Army monument," an unexpected high slope, magnificent momentum, with a solemn silence, the Provisional down "in the first Gulf", you can Dunsheng Respect for the key cultural unit in Yunnan Province. Beiqian arches is the crossing of the Red Army Memorial Room, "showroom" The remains of Red Army out, you will understand more than half a century ago the image of this great army. Shek Kwu monument on the right side of the embankment on the Bay, there is a berm Liu Lin; monument on the left side of the river has washed Meeting people in Jiang. River has Hongqiao Railway, Bridge, 17 meters long, wooden floor chains, also chained on both sides of the barriers. Department of Shek Kwu bridge the late Qing Chang Ju Ren Jian Zhou Lanping. Shek Kwu Tacheng to about 100 km of roads, tight across the board in accordance with the Jinsha River in the West Bank. Tour this line, above all, into the picturesque scenery of the Bay, the two sides along the river and around the monuments, Gudu, allowing you walked into a gallery of the history and culture, will run through a heavy sense of Article Line tourist. You are into a more ancient Naxi legend. Shek Kwu, giant Tacheng and Austin, is the focus of the online sites of the three tourist attractions. Shek Kwu town in the history of the Mainland and Tibetan tea-horse trade on the trail of a trade center, fair trade flourishes, a set of three days now, very busy.

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