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99 Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the Yulong Snow Mountain, the Three Parallel Rivers, Lake Cangshan three state-level scenic spots of the junction, is the Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot an important part. The main scenic spots by 99 Laojunshan Longtan, the Si Chang, Yuhu, Melody Dawn Danxia landform, the New Main Alpine Botanical Garden, and so on natural Area (spots) constitute, Area of 715 square kilometers, the mountain-rich vegetation, rare plants and animals, many of Bingshi Lake, the singular Danxia landform and the Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Pumi, Yi people of all ethnic groups, such as colorful folk customs, which constitute the old Junshan scenic beauty and great value for scientific exploration of the unique landscape. Are Zoned in the development of eco-tourist destination. It echoed with the Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang tourism resources in the formation of the East and West wings. Laojunshan located in Lijiang and Jianchuan, Lanping county, such as the junction, cross a mountain Yunling main vein, the site fell through hundreds of years, layer upon layer, arise from time to time, the main peak 4240 meters above sea level, the Jiang left the ring, its right around the Lancang River, which ridge to ridge surrounded semi-circular, horseshoe-shaped like a furnace Laojun Alchemy named after, the legend, Lao Alchemy in this, it is known as the "Yunnan Province hills of ancestors. " Laojunshan is the Three Parallel Rivers scenic spot of one of the main part. Danxia landform in the area, Qi Stone, Avon stream, the flowers dense forest, alpine meadow, Bing-Feng Qi Xia, is not that. Every turn of spring and summer season in full bloom Yamahana, the limelight, into a piece of mountain trees and azaleas, such as Lin Yunxia; the arrival of winter, the tree is linked to Yin-hua, mountain snow Phi, one of the world of ice and snow scenery in the north. In the Laojun North on the eastern side of the main ridge 3,800 meters above sea level more than Mountain Pass, there are lakes, marshes dozens along the stream distribution of clusters, known as the "Longtan 99." 99 in the Longtan on the way, you will see 9 Chi Mei's huge, they have different patterns, thick mysterious setting, local people called them "nine-stone . 99 Longtan Santan interdependent, so it is called "3-tan." Water from the spring snowmelt and summer rain, cold and clear, good water quality. After the water overflow, come together to form a stream to form a waterfall, set for the river, through the primeval forest, toward the end of the Jinsha, Lancang River. These lakes Bingshi, shape Different, deep lake 99 Longtan mystery, the sun and the flowers and trees under the map showing blue, orange, yellow, green the color brilliant. One of the biggest Huang Longtan, unpredictable, Tan Zhong trees are red coral tree above the surface, float to the surface from time to time Hongbo. Tan Zhong Dragon Legend has it that there are latent home, if this pedestrian loud noise, water will be turned Variable cloudy, coral tree will disappear, followed by wind and rain, thunder lightning, to traumatise people. This is a myth, but a scientific point of view, towering Laojunshan, by the Indian Ocean south-west monsoon climate, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Pacific, south-east monsoon air mass of the impact of staggered, so in addition to spring a few hours, all the Peak Nongyun over, causing a storm of the basic conditions, the resulting magic, from the sound, light, electricity and the relationship between the clouds to think. 99 Longtan also appreciate the original ecological landscape, the mystery of the Longtan the United States and azaleas Qi Lin Yan of the best locations. Ninety-nine of the winter over the Longtan Bingleng, is a natural World ice, Chi Mei great. Bing Shi lakes around the fir forest and surrounded by azalea flowers, each to the late spring and early summer, the azaleas in full bloom Manshanbianye, Full; meandering flow of 99 Longtan, clear as a mirror. Qifengyidan, Avon stream, Huaxiangniaoyu Qing gas assail the nostrils, Tianshui add radiance to each other as if Habitat, the Lao No wonder they chosen the local Alchemy. I have said that in the beautiful Lijiang, a sunset three times a day, that is Laojunshan - Dawn scenery. Red sandstone formation of more than 200 square kilometers of the color red, pink clouds may dip if the flame burning, colorful, CMV color. Is the largest and most complete development of Danxia. Yashi's strange, or if the tower Yu-zhu, or if the old monk self-cultivation, or if the opening screen peacock, or if the majestic castle, or if the Millennium Laogui, in order to give the endless reverie, China is a large number of Danxia The most brilliant color in the landscape, the highest above sea level, Poor the most, the most obvious level of a. Among the thousands of Kameyama, Le Quang Buddhist, Wang Shan, and other bird attractions, as seen by the world, and Hunan Nanfenbozhong Wulingyuan. Dawn is a hidden gem in the mountains, the dawn of the United States is a very unusual beauty, so that every day you have a clean and beautiful. At present, travel 19 Longtan ready to be prepared to sleep on the night.

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