Monday, December 8, 2008

Zhu Linsi East - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Linsi Kangcang East is one of the 13-lin Temple, the legend is a long time ago a monk travel far and wide now, here's a fancy pyramid-shaped mountain that it was the incarnation of God, so here Chao Feng Li Miao. Today, the East Zhu Linsi large, large number of lamas, is not at all inferior to Songzanlinsi. Dandong Tanganyika bamboo Located in Deqin County Ben Township-column book Matsumura Yong Nam on the east slope of the top stem, Yunnan-Tibet Highway from the mountain and across the Si Hou, a direct route to the car inside, and the perennial snow-free seasons pass resistance. As a result of the White Monastery is located in the vast snow-capped mountains Leeward hollow extension of the Jinsha River Valley, 3,000 meters above sea level, mountain climate is a monsoon climate, "Dong Cold and summer heat-free "features. Zhulin Si-dong, founded in the year 1667 (six years of Qing Emperor Kangxi), formerly known as the" Gang Temple Chong Chong measures ", meaning" Crane Lake's Temple. "Ga Jupai for the beginning of the (White Sect ), After the case Sect (Yellow Sect), and anti-Sa, expenditure, song books and so on 7 small temple was renamed after the merger Zhu Linsi Dandong Karma ", which means success," Lee II "(AOL) of the temple. 13 years of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1674) and De Lin Yin, Yang Hung-po Eight At the same time, Lin was the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism merger, Sect conversion. Qing Emperor Kangxi 15 years, the Dalai Lama V, thanks to the Bamboo Temple, known as Tanganyika Dandong. Collection here, a lot of valuable Materials, including gold-plated statue of Buddha Maitreya Falun, whiteness as the mother, III, as Buddhas, as Manjusri, and Thangka (scroll religious) Yama Images, like Ocean's 18, as well as the Panchen Li Chuan-sheng, Sakyamuni giant line 17-embroidery and so on, the size of Pui Ling, just to name a few pagoda, Dance props, instruments used are readily available. Monasteries have been destroyed, now the new temple in 1985 was only 7 last year the newly built. The new temple stands on the hills and slopes in the past, the majestic spectacle, building in an orderly, rational layout. From afar, Joseph arranged in the wall, window brown clouds, the topping-out row upon row of buildings, like a town. At the Central Hall by the great Four-story structure of the civil construction, the bottom is the Lama Temple chanting. Temple positive ancestor worship are the Gelug Sect Tsongkhapa and his disciples and I Damayanthi Hui Ching-Chu as the Panchen grams (commonly known as "master 3"); there on both sides of the Buddha, Guanyin, Monju, Tara, Fugen, such as Buddha and the Buddha like. Second, three were by , The permitted, as well as Khenpo (palm Education) and everything is living the quiet room. Wealthy at all levels both inside and outside decoration, the painting was painted, together with religious art - sculpture, Thangka, the characteristics of the murals, all the more resplendent, and the atmosphere was solemn. Temple has a collection of up to 8.5 meters, 5.2 meters wide large Tangka, is Colorful silk woven from the fine statue law, the annual Dance Act will be on display when the time for pilgrims worship visual impact. Zhu Linsi East from Zhongdian county town about 105 km away from the rural resident Ben-column 23 kilometers. In October 1986, the 10th Panchen Lama Gyaincain Kyrgyzstan really great person to observe and contribute East Zhulin Si Chan . Today, East Zhu Linsi has more than 300 monks and Living Buddhas affairs 4. Yunnan Province as a key cultural units at all levels of government by the Monastery of the attention and protection. In October 1987, which hosted the grand "provisions of wooden lattice," celebrations, held every year since monks first section of value and become monks and the people, Culture and Sport Zone Al auspicious land. If a visit to the Temple, and the Living Buddha Lama could be invited to tour guides, young Chinese who are proficient in Chinese many others and generous enthusiasm.

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