Monday, December 8, 2008

Yu-old kiosk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shenquan around a long group of old trees, of which two of the largest Wujiao Feng, 1996 under the "List of old trees in Yunnan," which. They are also the guardian of Shenquan Naxi, is strictly prohibited to climb a tree, if it was Fanji, he will be subject to severe punishment of nature, Yulong Village, a village in the 1960s on the tree of God Break the branches, then covered his festered, persistent high fever, bed-ridden in recent months, did not improve and had no choice but to help Dongba, the Dongba will instruct him to the tree God planted a small tree, said to repent Finally, the rehabilitation recovered. In those days when their village of origin tree, is now able to see the willow tree. Naxi people In this way, the protection of water and trees, even the Wu Jiaofeng living on the bees have never been destroyed, the trees have been living God in do not know how many years of the. Shenquan around six circular stone hut, Naxi Ren is a natural worship of God, eating the wild used. Although we have done a proper repair, with its wind, Fire, but the use of traditional habits have not changed, as it is to keep down. Now here is the only visitors inside the area to allow smoking.

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