Friday, December 26, 2008

Mangrove - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haikou is located in the southeast of Dongzhaigang mangrove protection zone covers an area of 4000 hectares. In the area in February 1980 as National Nature Reserve, is scheduled for 1992 in Hainan Province, one of the 10 major tourism development zones is very well-known scenic spots. The mangrove growth throughout the year in the sea, tree Large, peculiar form of tree trunks, designated boat into the mangroves of the twists and turns "corridor", as if into the Mirage. There is now a tourist attraction and scholars at home and abroad as a base for scientific exploration, the recent discovery of S. China is the most valuable species of rare plants. Mangroves, sun, sea, beaches, seafood products and the ancient Ming Dynasty - Harbor village, constitutes a complex landscape of the area's odd. Mangroves are tropical and subtropical coastal mudflats on the unique plant communities, is a multi-functional, multi-effectiveness of the special plant resources, exotic species. As a result, the international community to set up the Institute of mangroves, to hold regular academic exchanges and promote mangrove protection and development. East Hong Kong mangrove 15 branches in 29 varieties, and thousands of their crown, and grew up in the sea on the beach, the "oasis on the sea, maritime forest park" reputation. Since turned into a tourist area after visiting the museum, visit the tourist visitors.

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