Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thin and Old City Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kedong Xian is located in the village of the ancient city of gold in urban and rural areas, bounded by the Wu Yue River. A national key cultural unit. And Po, for thin valley, Nuzhen word meaning "to low-lying" and "to waterlogging." Kim crossing, the situation of this very Heilongjiang Daxinganling region, the region of Heihe, Yichun region, Nen River in the northern region, north of the Russian foreign Mountains With. Po Road, Old City and its legacy. According to "The History of Geography" set: "Po valley road, the 50,000 at the beginning, Hailing stop 10,000 cases, is to turn over Jiedushi." Site is now an oval, the circumference of more than 2800 meters, Rammed earth walls, There Weng Cheng, Ma face, the North-South 2. The city on behalf of the cultural relics unearthed a large number of gold, the most important "Po Valley Road, India," Tong Yin Fang Po and the road to the city to identify and provide strong evidence.

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