Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tianfu Tea Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tea Museum in January 8, 2000 foundation, Jan. 7, 2002 open house, the whole Museum of the total area of 80 mu (5.3 hectares), construction with a total area of 6,000 square meters, is the largest sector of the Tea Museum.
Museum 4 main buildings: (1) the main exhibition halls: the main display of tea History of Chinese tea culture and tea production and marketing situation, the world's major tea producing countries of the situation and the Tianfu Group of the development process, and so on; (2) of the tea ceremony classes: a tea-storey professional performance and the Office of overflow and Xuan, such as the elegant tea Court The tea place, also serves as teaching the tea ceremony.

On the second floor of-the-art facilities for the International Conference Hall; 3) Japanese tea ceremony hall (Um Fu-hui): Japanese-style garden and teahouse, with fine-ting, Ting Jian, King Pavilion on behalf of three different styles of the era of Japanese teahouse; (4) Painting and Calligraphy Museum (Stone Office of Lent), Three exhibition halls. Main Library collection of calligraphy and painting exhibition hall to display, the exhibition hall of activities occasional work-painting and calligraphy exhibition themes; on the second floor Friends organized by the Office of chat from time to time pen and brush at the scene; Office of the main rock Chai sell all kinds of the Office of stone, sculpture, and other crafts.
Chinese Museum booth in there, Tangshan, Bridge Song, Yuan Tong, Lake, Qing-chi, Qushui Lanting, Wurenchayuan, Ming Feng stone, the Court said tea garden landscaping, and other facilities. Elegant natural environment is a Academic research, culture, education and entertainment as one of the tea culture of Grand View Garden, visitors can get the entertainment knowledge of tea, tea awareness, understanding of the heritage of tea and tea culture.

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