Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wild Goose Pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wild Goose Pagoda is located 4 kilometers outside the peace of Grace Temple, according to legend Yonghui of the Tang Dynasty for 3 years. India to learn from the Master Xuan. Zou Qing in the Temple Tower building for storage, he brought back from India by the membership. The tower is named by the beginning of the tower. After people call it the Wild Goose Pagoda, the towering tower tall and straight, causing the world's admiration.

The 1300 has a long history of the Wild Goose Pagoda, the ancient city of Xi'an has become a unique symbol of style. Wild Goose Pagoda built in the early hours, only 5 layers, 60 meters high, the pagoda is a replica of the Western Regions in the form of construction. After repeated repairs so far tower 64 meters high, a total of 7 layers, the bottom 25 meters long.

China is the Wild Goose Pagoda Court-Zhuanta typical outstanding. Tower with green-brick structure, block tickets are each surrounded by arches, the loft-style Zhuanta simple, magnificent momentum, there are significant national characteristics and styles of the times. As for the Wild Goose Pagoda before the word "big" is different from the later generations in order to recommend Pagodas Temple of the company. The wooden ladder tower there, you can Plethora of spin, since lean on a railing overlooking the door tickets can enjoy the scenery excellent Guanzhong.

Wild Goose Pagoda on both sides of the bottom of the south gate, the two pieces of stone mosaic, a "Tang Sancang Shengjiao order" Zhenguan 22 years in the Tang Dynasty (648). Translated by Xuan Zang for all by making the total sequence. Another piece of "Sheng Jiao Tang Sancang sequence of Emperor Tang is a "Shengjiao order" made by Ji, the monument is the second study of the Tang Dynasty calligraphy, painting, sculpture art and important cultural relics. Especially in the West Tower on the line of stone lintel carved temple map, is to study the construction of the Tang Dynasty valuable information.

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