Sunday, December 14, 2008

On stream - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taining in the Northeast, the upper reaches of Lake. A total length of more than 50 kilometers, the scenery beautiful novel, graceful quiet. Chong Changxing to the occasion of which 15 km deep canyon for the zone, the Red Cliff Danya streams crowded askew for the curve, so-called "99, 88 Beach." Maximum width of 20 meters surface, however, allow only the narrowest Through the row. The two sides inaccessible, dense forest, an area Jishi Li remained in its original state, the formation of multi-bend, anxious Beach, Lake deep, mountain high, close-lin, forcing the characteristics of the gorge. The main tourist attractions along the way there, "?????", "Kim Bell," and "five cents to see the old" and "Sunshine Triassic," "Peacock Kai-Ping , Eagle Cliff habitat, Luo Xia wall and the "mirage". Tian Shan for bullying, put stone for water, mountain heavy water complex, there is another world. Ming Dynasty, Li Bu-bearers have a significant pool "on the stream's Travels" and "turn a blind King as a behavior, such as the King want to turn a dream Yan, a King Sounds like a behavior, such as the resumption of a King Fung-A Yan old friends "," Halilhodzic 9 over. "Valley is also common in Mandarin, leisure duck, do not avoid people. In 1983 to develop tourism projects on stream, bamboo Tour seasons feasible, can also carry water for a long time Xiangpi Zhou drifting exploration activities.

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