Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Matang (aged leather) home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Matang is more typical of a (aged leather) home village, the villagers usually Zhaizhong farming at leisure to do batik and embroidered clothing. Matang batik designs sophisticated products, color, is widely used to decorate a variety of daily necessities such as clothing, skirts, caps, Pa, bag, curtain, and so on. Matang come, it is exposure to a batik art The feeling in the world. (Aged leather) home is a unique minority, who live scattered in the north-west Carey Yudong, Long rural market alone more than 10,000 population, is not included in the 55 ethnic minorities, is the only country not to identify Nation. (Aged leather) have their own unique family life customs and language, dress For the unique, (aged leather) family of the girl dress like ancient general, the body go up and down Pomp. And their day-to-day attire of some relatively simple, from its single-color look, it is different from Miaojia.

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