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Qianling Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qianling Park is located in the northwest corner of the city of Guiyang, as a result of Qianling Shan got its name, towering old trees in the park, Stephen Qing Shi Qi, Aura-Guizhou plateau in one, known as "the first Qiannan Hill." Growth in the mountains with more than 1,500 species of trees, flowers and more than 1,000 species of valuable medicinal herbs, as well as flocks of birds, monkeys and a variety of habitats in the . Tourists along the "nine Labyrinth" Hong Fu climbers can reach the Temple Monastery was built in the early, is a Temple, Church, Temple, in place of the old gallery building. Pavilion building on the Peak, the panoramic view of Guiyang City, which is a comprehensive tour of the park.

Hong Fu Temple and the foothills of the mountains and the unicorn-Cliff Carved base at the provincial level are key cultural unit. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the patriotic general Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng has been under house arrest inside the unicorn.

Qianling Park is a national class AAAA tourist area, next to Qianling Park Hill, Silk, Youlin, the temple, Quan, and the famous Monkey. Public Built in 1957, Pinnacle, which rise amid the park, towering old trees, trees Conglong, Kwu Tung Qingjian, secluded deep tan, Qingyuan landscape since ancient times Guizhou Plateau is a bright pearl, "the first Qiannan Mountain" in the world.
  Qianling Shan has developed more than 600 years, history seekers can explore many Tiyong, in the mountains there are many Sheng monuments, such as Hong Fu Temple, Kirin holes, nine Labyrinth, the zoo, monuments, Qianling Lake, bird's-eye view to build kiosks, and Hong Fu Temple, built pavilion bird's-eye view, nine Labyrinth, Kirin hole, Qianling is the Lake The best part.

  Qianling Shan Wang Ling as the main, white Ling, Tan Shan, Ma On Shan, your mountain, knife-related, Luo Ling, Shi Ziyan, stick-Feng Bo, Pagoda Peak and North Peak, and other components of the mountains and peaks. Pinnacle rise amid ups and downs mean, magnificent, vertical and horizontal valley, You He mixed, and varied terrain. The entire low-lying North High South, the peak forest landform on the strip known as the Valley.

  Guiyang Qianling Shan is one of the syncline on the West Wing Sub-anticline structure. By the late Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic stratigraphy, mainly middle-aged dolomitic limestone and Triassic Late Paleozoic limestone under the composition of the Permian. Here folding, faulting, spring water, dissolved collapse breccia, peaks, valleys, basins, and so complete, more than 1,000 plants, but also to learn Biological research and teaching the ideal place to attract a large number of overseas scholars and experts.

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