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Dugong Ci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dugong Ci at Yan'an East Baota Qu Qi Lipu, sitting east to west, in the face of Okawa, the temple is below 210 National Highway, apricot water from the temple before the flow slowly. There was a time Shek Wan, Tai legend writer, poet Du Fu had to delay Evening shoes here pillow interest rates, according to later generations would be cutting power Cave ancestral halls built to commemorate the show. According to Set, "Tang has Kawaguchi, theft by finding Du Temple, as Shishi in mind, Tang Du Ting Wang, and a GAO, overlooking the river, a stone temple published in the Mexican poet who give more than pay" this.

  Du Fu, the United States and sub-characters, often claiming to be a poem carolinianum Shao Ling, is the great Tang Dynasty poet. Learning at an early age, knowledgeable, and very ambitious youth Political ambitions. Tianbao 14 years (75 years of the Year) broke out in July shocked by the Tang Dynasty, "Shih." The war then all of a sudden the rate Youwei House to join the army of Du Fu Cao helmet into the bottom of society, he had to pull out women to carry children, and people began to flee along with the career. 765 in May, the first Qin Du Fu's first Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province today), arduous journey came to Yan'an state (this Fuxian) Qiang settled in the village. In order to find Lingwu Su-tsung, to participate in counter-insurgency, Du Fu Qiang villages starting from the north, Shihmen, Xu Walled-off, tens of thousands of Huashan, reached the Yanan along Chuan Qi Lipu. Lu arrived path Ansai-clearance near the rebel misfortune to be making excessive demands on Krupp, chief escort . After nine months of the year 757 in April, the poet has risked his life, from childhood through the path of confrontation line between the two armed forces, went to Feng Xiang, Su-tsung was appointed as Zuo Shiyi, as a result of criticism after the side had been put down, back again Qiang village, to visit relatives.

  Du Fu's trip to Yan'an twice, his life is experienced by an extremely important Pieces, so he has a better understanding of the people, understand the suffering of the people, so that the poet "You Min patriotic" thinking more firmly in this section of poems in the infiltration of a wealth of thoughts and feelings, so only wrote the "three-up view of the water" , "The slogan of late line", "Yuhua Gong" and "to avoid", "a source She Di", "Qiang Village 3" "North levy", "Pang Ya" and "Xi Guan Jun Wen thieves have been temporary habitats", "Beijing received 3" over the first well-known poem. These poems reflected the profound social life at that time, exposed the cruelty of the ruling class exploitation and oppression of the working people who are suffering sympathized with the performance of the noble poet's patriotism ?.

  Yan'an people in memory of the great poet, he was in Yan'an after the Sichuan Road, named "Du Fu-chuan," and he slept in a place built, "Du Gongci" in commemoration of. Dugong Ci was built in what year may not be detailed examination, by the year 1040, when Ren Fan Zhongyan state governor sent an open Book title "Du Fu-chuan," the words engraved on the old quarry area, the temple can be seen at this time there. 23 years of Qing dynasty (1843 AD) skin Kreis (this Yanan) Governor Chen Binglin also "less Lingchuan" words carved on cliff. 27 light years (1847 AD), the reconstruction of the ancestral hall and Du Ting Wang, Shek Mun there on both sides of the stone couplet Or close the state, Zhuang Lu-hung, chief policy-related ", and the grotto Cinei long joint Xiangyingchengqu miles away, rather text color. Tongzhi the years, Du Gongci soldiers were destroyed in the 5-year Guangxu (1879 AD) and Rehabilitation.

  In recent years, local governments and the tourism sector funds devoted to maintenance and expansion, in addition to the resumption of rehabilitation The original ancestral temple, Cliff stone inscriptions, rubbings, couplets, but also a new pavilion, exhibition room, at home and abroad to become places frequented by tourists.

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