Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baihua Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baihua Hu Guiyang is located in scenic areas on the northern outskirts of the West, about 22 km away from the urban area. Area with a total area of 83 square kilometers, the size of the lake spread over 100 islands, with karst landforms and the natural landscape dominated Huguangshanse, clear water here, Xun scale rocks, and hot spring cave. As a result of scenery like Lijiang River in Guilin, it is " Guilin. "

The entire area from the cave, hot springs, the temple Hongwu, the appetite for food and drinks Ying, ZHU castle composed of 12 spots. With the winding mountain and lake scenery, mild climate. Gu Feng arrived in a string Lakes Island, the natural place for the division of Baihua Hu Lake, South Lake and North Lake. Baihua Hu total area more than 50 scenic spots, is now open, 23, have a look at the pine, two-Shou monkey park, crab Lo Chau Island, Guanyin Dong, narrow double flowers, Pinnacle peaks, Jinchan leisure, lonely Feng show alone, stones, Camp Castle, Bird Island, and so on. Bird Island is one of a precious Baihua Hu Jing, when winter spring Quarter, the birds circled the island, to the beautiful natural landscape adds a lot of fun. The Wild Garden is also a major feature of the lake, there are three small villages, dozens of farm households on the island recovered from the fishing boat parked next to the water's edge Lin, poetic, Wild doubled.

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