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Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall is located in the northwest Baota Qu Yan River on the east coast, 1 km from the city Department. Was built in January 1950, the original premises in the Nanguan communication, the establishment of the People's Republic of China was set up after the first revolution of one of the memorial.

  Yang Jialing in 1954 to move to the original site of CPC Central Committee to be known as the "extension Museum. "Phoenix in 1955 moved to the foothills of the revolution in the city hospital site, renamed the" Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall ", in June 1973 to move to Wang Jiaping site. Hanging above the main entrance hall Bianpai red, and there in 1971 Guo Yan to visit When they wrote the name of the museum. Museum display area of more than 4,000 Meters, display photos and artifacts near 2000, there are models, paintings, sculptures and scenes of recovery aids such as exhibits, and the use of optical sound and other modern means of science and technology, enhance the display of dynamic effect. Display screen space with electronic devices, play the Yanan period of historical films and a number of important groups, people in Yan'an View the video activities. There are also listening devices to Taiwan, one can accommodate 15 people, visitors can listen to on-demand northern Shaanxi folk songs, story-telling in northern Shaanxi, and other programs, which are equipped with multi-media hall of the computer system of electronic touch screen, enter the Yan'an has visited scenic spots and the Yan'an Executives Information, freedom of inquiry for the visitors. Before the memorial is a large square, Plaza flat open, green space into a film, the flowers were. Middle of the square stands the statue of Mao Zedong, the famous statue by the sculptor Cheng Yun-yin, design, 5 meters high and weighing about 3 tons, and even base-8.15 meters high, the base engraved with the hand-written by General Secretary Jiang Zemin's "Mao Zedong Yan'an. "Bronze statue called" forward-looking, "wearing a Mao tunic, his hands Chayao visual distance, the noble spirit Peak.

  Jan 13, 1997, the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong in Yan'an 60 anniversary of the completion of the opening. Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall to become an extension of tourists each visit, Must review. In 1973, Premier Zhou Enlai visited the museum, pointed out: "a history display, is a history text books." In 1989, General Secretary Jiang Zemin extended to the inspection, it looked to focus on a visit to the museum all of the content of the exhibition. Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall is the most Health of the CPC Central Committee in Yan'an The materials, the 20th century, China is a brilliant point condenser. By the Central Propaganda Department in 1996 as a national demonstration bases for patriotism education.

The new museum building area of 5000 square meters, the exhibition area of 3240 square meters, the display is a revolutionary cultural relics on display, reflected in the leadership of the Communist Party of China Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall in the history of the struggle, the main propaganda from October 1935 to March 1948 nearly 13 years, the CPC Central Committee in Yan'an in Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region and the leadership of the glorious history of Chinese revolution.
  Revolution Museum exhibit more than 1260 pieces of historical relics, more than 670 historical photos. This Information for us to learn the history of Chinese revolution, the revolution in the history of research Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border region, education on revolutionary traditions, has provided extremely valuable information.

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