Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nine Dongtian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongtian at nine generous, Nayong County at the junction of the river is six Zhong key national scenic spots, with a total length of 6 km, divided into two sections. Underground river inside the cave, the expansion of the formation of a number of lakes inside the cave, a smooth flow.

  "Dong Tian" dry hole, with wide, the hole is a hall with an area of about more than 3000 square meters The average high is 80 meters, stalactite on the wall Dongding unusual, extraordinary and magnificent; "Dong Tian II" is turned into electricity chamber, through the gates to control access cited gap 11 meters of water for power generation, is a rare natural plant inside the cave without power , The most economic; the "three Dongtian" tall inside a wide, quiet roundabout, on the left bank of stone Abnormal smooth, such as Fu Xiao knifed, on the right bank of wall hanging of colorful stalactites;

"Four Dong Tian" by a number of caves is composed of natural scenic spots, like pyramid or stalactite cave, or temples, crystal clear, realistic image; "Five Dong Tian", was gourd-shaped dark lake, close on decentralization, Natural form; Six Dongtian "linked to the Tianshengqiao hole window at the top of the horizontal distance of about 100 meters, very Xianyao;" Dong Tian seven "serious drought is a hole inside the cave, a hundred thousand windows holes can pass each other, which can hold thousands of people;

"Dong Tian eight," Kuan Jin hole 23 meters, and up to tens, like high-rise in alleys, the sun reflected into the water Changes color to life; "Dong Tian nine" of the cave is divided into three tiers, the lower the strangely shaped lake with dark water tunnel Pat Dongtian connected, extending in all directions.

The middle is a 90 m long, 120 meters wide Tianshengqiao great, as a "door" shaped from the bridge overlooking the square tunnel concept, mysterious and hard, looked up, the sky For the huge painting of the two arc, as if Cowboy Girl meet the Bridge. With the upper arch of Tianshengqiao Dongting parallel, an area of about tens of thousands of square meters and numerous cave mouth connected to form three-dimensional maze, the world's rare.

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