Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yang Ming-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Ming-dong was originally called "East-hole", located in Xiuwen county seat of the newly developed National Yang-Ming Avenue side of the mountain Tatsuoka, covers an area of 1.5 hectares, is the only repair the existing text of a group of old trees, there are more than 50 kinds of Mingmugushu . The famous Ming Dynasty philosopher and military strategist, writer, thinker and educator in Wang Yang-ming was to relegate Guizhou Long Course ( Xiuwen county) Yi Cheng, Jie Lu has been studying this, he Dawu here, "Gewuzhizhi" surely, the establishment of the "terms" theory, the formation of a "letter of conscience" and the embryonic form, launched the "Tatsuoka College. " East then-named "Dong Tian Yang Ming small," said the World Bank, "Yang Ming-dong." Yangming Mountain is not high, not deep hole, because of the "eternal master," Wang Yangming lectures and enlightenment in this famous Chinese and foreign, at home and abroad, Wang said the expert study here, "Wang Holy Land." Coupled with well-known patriotic general, the "eternal hero," General Zhang Xueliang was imprisoned 3 this year, so that even more famous for Yang Ming-dong. Yang Ming-dong at the provincial level for the protection unit. Long Okayama towering old trees, Cui Bo Sensen, matched Pavilion, distinctly tablets, elegant landscape, the wonders of the pleasant. Yang Ming-dong and more obsessed cave, stones are arising, there are hole-hole, through before and after, is Journey Into Amazing Caves. It has a long history, as a result of human and physical, well-known. Wang is here Ming Zhang Xueliang and whereabouts remains imprisoned in the preservation of the most complete, well construction, rich culture.

In the Ming and Qing, the Republic of China is years, Wang Bachelor of Science researchers and scholars often pay a good tour, is also a modern international cultural exchanges, history, culture and education, patriotism and a good education field . Tatsuoka Apart from the mountains outside Yang Ming, Wang Yang-ming was also built by the College Tatsuoka, Ho Xuan humble, a gentleman Pavilion, Binyang together and then he built in memory of Wang's Ancestral Hall, such as construction, but also future generations to pay respect to the Yang Myeongdong Cliff many of the books inscribed tablets.

Scholars goes: if research Mencius must Shandong, research Two-way (Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi) must Henan, Jiangxi to the study of Zhu Xi Bi, Yang Ming's research, not less than Guizhou, can not repair, can not be less than Yang Ming-dong

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