Thursday, January 8, 2009

Da muddy area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xindu County farm into the mud at the scenic da Pihe River tributary in the upper reaches, from Chengdu, 13 km north gate, 2 km Xindu county, Pihe River to the well-known ancient pier. At this point Pi He detour into the water on three sides of the peninsula, mud-da Scenic Area, covering an area of 180,000 square meters, divided the waters of bamboo. Along the river Huang Ting have a hidden listening Liuting, Fu Liu Ting, to be Apgujeong and watch fishing booth, Wangjiang Ting, Ting Jiang Da, King has deep Bamboo Garden in the House, with tearful. Da mud not far from the new capital are well-known Longmen Mountains, Song Zhao Bian, Yang Shen Ming Chung Yeung board, all love da mud scenery, left, "Sumikawa wild show put on such plans," "multi-Chao Mu Qi , The vegetation with heavy atmosphere of Hope "lines. There are foreign missionaries Wang Qing Dynasty established by the Joseph's Catholic Church is eco-tourism and recreational water good place.

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