Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot (virgin forest Dayi) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot Dayi formerly known as virgin forest, located in the West Dayi County of Chengdu with a total area of 483 square kilometers. Temple-highest peak in scenic ridge 5364 meters above sea level, towering into the sky, the snow. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's Thatched Cottage in Chengdu residents had looked at Cijing, wrote a "window containing future Xiling Snow The famous. Set Linhaixueyuan scenic mountain weather, Xian-feng rocks, the rich different trees, rare birds and rare animals, such as the Rapids Landscape Feibao in one, is the state-level scenic spots. To rely on forests for landscape, travel to the four seasons: spring flowers to see, the concept of group waterfall summer, red leaves in autumn tours, winter snow and ice get. Especially in the vertical mountain The fabric of the most attractive scenery of the seasons. Water-rich area, thousands of water rafting. Kau Yi Xiantian waterfall, colorful waterfall, Xiao Quan Leopard is the best water features. "Kau Yi Xiantian waterfall", "Fei Quan hole", "Xiao Quan Leopard," "Buried Stone Forest" and "rhododendron forest," and so on more than 10 scenic spots in order to "fly the water falls," wow is: Township of the two-mountain valleys, springs from the 1400 m high mountain Baique roll down a cave to fly more than 360 meters, thundering roar, causing a "Galaxy off nine days of Kunming," a heavy heart! To be clear, sun, rainbow and Fei Bao seamless, beautiful. Another attraction is the perfect white sand along Kong Yin and Yang circles. "Yin and yang is the mountain community, but also two very different climate of the watershed. On one side is blue skies, blue sky Zhanzhan; side of the steam fog is a cloud Chung, hazy twilight deceive, to the mysterious visitors to unlimited reverie. With the visitors Climb a high degree of changes in the same season can be laid scenery with the seasons. When the sea level 13 0 meters to 2100 meters in the low Pinnacle Mountain Castle, flowers, and more than 3200 meters in the high mountains are snow-wrapped, the pure white snow. 3312 meters above sea level Redstone's tip, is the natural viewing platform, stretching several hundred in the West see the Snowy Mountains, when the rising sun, we can see, "Gold Mountain sunshine" Concept. East is expected to Yixieqianli Chengdu Plain.

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