Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tong Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tong Lake Park is located in the side of Shuangliu county, 18 km away from Chengdu, lakes and Begonia is featuring a new antique garden, covers an area of 250 mu, of which more than 70 acres of water surface, as in western Sichuan in a garden of the Black Pearl Cui . Lake tong to 000, according to park on the lake, named "tong Lake Park." Park layout for China On behalf of the Royal Garden style, multi-area, type Collection, skillfully built around the 15 spots are skillfully combines the Shuangliu county's long historical and cultural origins, the park has two couplets as "tong Lake" a true portrayal of the scenic spots. A joint is: Smoke Ring fog wrapped Qian Shu-tong; clouds on the first floor of the living waves. Another joint is: Zhuge Sang street left, left - 're Shi; Begonia Spring and Autumn drunk, lying in western Sichuan into the second lake.

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