Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thermal pool - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lugu Kosai several kilometers to the North, one open-air hot spring, known as "thermal pool", also known as the "Ru-watt Seoul suffered" (hot spring). From the foot of a mountain spring water flow between the chimney, the flow of spring water, clear four seasons. Suitable water temperature. There are cave-in pool, to allow a hundred people bathing. The slack season, around the four-Mosuo, Pumi, and other men, women and children. Chang A horse with the best chicken, eggs, meat, wine Mary Sullivan, and other rich food, sleeping on a picnic to this hot spring bath. Mosuo people in particular hot springs bath method. Bath before a meal, and then hold a pot of wine, while bath while drinking, a few hours or a day Paoshang straight night. So that the skin-fold change. Then fold flat land only slightly . Meimeidishui a sleep, and Stephen into the bath again, so again, a few days later, only to do Hing has not yet been launched home. Hot Springs is not only the medical treatment of scale Washing resort, but also to make "Ashok" nirvana. Since ancient times, here in the hot springs bath, both men and women. Are accustomed to the same pool of Gong Yu naked body, Not isolation, and no defense. Gong Yu young men and women have both during the day or night, or the extensive folk song to sing v. relative. Stretch of the inner feelings of joy; or Xiangyue delicate love songs to find their own "Ashok" friend. Hot water heating. Di Yin singing voices; thermal transpiration fog, the skin of body-building-Joseph Nudity; mellow wine, Carnival's intoxicated state, dizzying. In the age-old tradition of sulfur, mineral and Mary Sullivan of wine under common. All the physical fatigue and pain, psychological problems and unhappiness of all, the spirit of all the tension and anxiety, both in these circumstances was to be washed by evaporation to relax. In Stephen Selfless and happy, relaxed and at ease. Over the past few days, set health treatment, recreation and leisure, nutrition for the benefit of the whole "god of the bath," not only for many inside and outside the disease played a good role in the treatment; for the establishment of a lot of love between men and women, "Ashok" to create a good relationship Conditions. , After bath landed in the water to get to know Right, right, the couple will meet again on the mountain lake, looking for opportunities. To express affection, and each other gifts. Up to form a "Ashok."

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