Sunday, January 11, 2009

Color mosaic stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Color mosaic stones at the town of Yandun Ma Kok Road, south-east of the sea, more than 50 meters from the shore, about 35 meters, 20 meters wide, about 9 meters high, mainly due to the yellow, white, brown colors of the three components. Watch carefully, those beautiful patterns, such as casting, such as cutting, such as embroidered description, or straight or curly, or vertical or horizontal, constitute a pattern of thousands of Clouds like, and some Piaofei, some hover; as waves, wind and some waves, and some rolling roar; play as a hundred birds, and some lines alone, and some changes ... ... cluster running endless, dizzying. Now, Ma Road in the town government investment 12,000,000 yuan, color stone mosaic in order to focus on the development of an integrated tourist areas, Stones, including Hall, the Museum of Fine Art Museum, museum collections, and so on, have greatly enriched the connotation of attractions, visitors here can be intoxicated with the natural landscape, in China's modern history and wonderful world.

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