Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wushan really ancient buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wushan really old buildings, the focus of the national heritage unit. Cui Pingqu located in Yibin City in the mountains northwest of Zhenwu. Zhen Song of Xianlv Wushan Mountain, in the Ming Dynasty have been really Wushan, the name of the mountain to the division. Wanli next year (1573), Sichuan Provincial Governor Tseng crusade in charge of all people, excuse facilitate its founder Zhenwu division is building in the mountains Wu Temple, and then a lot of continued construction of the temple. And by the foot of a mountain peak to the construction of steps, like Mount Tai in Shihfang separation of the three-day gate of the door, the door for two days, three days door. Qing Dynasty to a total of more than 20 construction, so-called "southern Sichuan famous Taoist." Today there are still old buildings in al Palace, Palace Wenchang, such as 8, a total area of 3. 3 hectares. Ancient and powerful access the mountain, there are scattered power; standing and Minjiang River shore, surrounded by towering old trees, poetic, like a fairyland. Ancient architecture, the ancestral hall Yuen Ming Wanli 2002 (1574), the construction area of 156 square meters, there is Dian Qian Qing wood and stone structure built wishful brackets of St. Paul; founder Dian Jian Wanli next year (1581), the construction area of 64 square meters, the plane Dianqian Ishibashi said, "Ye Xian Qiao." House also does not look the nine-year Wanli Ming and Qing Emperor Qianlong 1967 (1791) Peixiu to lift the three-Zhong Yan Liang Xie Shanding, set up the second floor, 200 square meters floor area; immeasurable behalf of the Ming Palace Qing 12-year-hee (1673) the rehabilitation, construction area of about 220 square meters, to bring up the rear Yu Regardless of Taiwan, has built its case on the floor, Sally, this floor-to-deposit destroy Taiwan; Dou Mu Ming Palace Wanli 46 years (1618 ), The Qing Dynasty had to Peixiu from before, during and after the three Hall of composition, construction area of 250 square meters; three government palace built Daoguangnianjian Qing (1821 ~ 1850), the construction area of 638 square meters; triple Wenchang Palace hall before the beginning of Ming Long Khanh (1567), the amendment to the Qing Dynasty, the construction area of 876 square meters; palace was built in al-generation, construction Area of 108 square meters. Wushan this really ancient buildings have been appropriate as Bimbo Fort Hall.

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