Sunday, January 11, 2009

Huili city - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Arguments will be located in the Liangshan Prefecture in the southern ancient city with a total area of 4500 square kilometers with a total population of more than 40 million people, there is the seat of the 2000 years of history and cultural city, is now the provincial cultural city. Town surrounded by mountains, mild climate, year-round spring, known as "small Spring City" reputation, is a county-wide economic, political and cultural center, away from the Changwon City, 185 km. The main grounds attractions will be the ancient city: 10 minutes Drum Tower, cross the street in the city, Yongzheng Dynasty for 12 years, with a total 22 meters high. 10 minutes Diaolianghuadong Drum Tower, tall and straight-chu, Chu, the hollowing-carved, fine workmanship, beautiful design, very spectacular. Chau won Park, located in the city of West Street, next to the original Tang Shui Lao command post set up. End of the Qing dynasty, from the provincial hall into several gardens, a new restoration in 1980, in New Heting, the Mirror Tower, Hong Lotus Bridge, Yuhua pool, and so on. Wu-designate Temple, located north of the city-Street, Qing Ming-Gar years to build, repair twice in the Qing Dynasty, after more than 500 years, the well-preserved so far. The flavor spots, birds Painting buildings, beautiful spectacle. Dongyue Temple Fair, located in the county outside the South, Mian Zhou Jian Zhen Fu-ching, for the courtyard design, with painted reliefs known, the main structure still intact. King John Temple, located at the mouth of small hydropower west hill, Zhong Yan Ge Fei, towering old trees for years, officials in the Ming Dynasty Yongle Li Jian, helenahat still so far. Forest of Stone Tablets, Island Park to win the gold Genei territory, a collection of Ming Dynasty scholar Yang Shengan, Emperor Guang Xu's teacher Weng Tonghe, the well-known people in modern times Huang, Guo Mao and the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, such as calligraphy Rongzhen 31. Venta, is located in the South, about five kilometers from the county seat, was established in late Ming and early Qing. 9-tower, high - Shi Zhang, and living facilities.

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