Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fairy Cave Xixi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xixi Fairy Cave at Xichang, 15 kilometers south of the West Rural Township, is an up to 10 km, the Great magma Hao size of the cave. Fairy Cave-hole bending down, width and white. Narrow, only one person through; wide, the Office of the party is consistent, can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Inside are thousands of karst landscape, or Or static, bird or animal, life, art ghost ax. Some, such as the palace courtyard, and some rivers, such as mountains and rivers, and some plants such as trees, and some birds, such as animal people; Hongyan For some, such as drops of color, while others are transparent green, colorful, beautiful colorful, attractive eyes, Wan Si Fairyland. Close to the north wall of a underground river flow , The ear from time to time, gurgling sound of flowing water, like the beat of music, Qinrenxinpi, relaxed and happy. Fairy Cave inside the cave, a 10-meter deep shaft next to Li Guang Xu Qing have 23 in the spring of a stone, the seal on the "odd Shenyou risk" words, it is called "Fairy Cave".

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