Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sleeping Giant Buddha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Leshan Giant Buddha in the periphery, there is a body of up to 4,000 meters from the mountain several components of the "sleeping giant Buddha." This sleeping Buddha statue complete limbs, a clear outline, as if into a deep sleep, was back in the air force, look dignified posture. Well-known Leshan Giant Buddha is even-handed giant Buddha sitting in the heart site. Giant Buddha Head, body, feet, respectively, by the Shan Wu You, Gun Hill and Hill kusong composition of the lapel of Sanshanjie Union. Buddha head from the entire Shan Wu You constitute, in the mountains of stone, Bamboo, shade, trails, pavilions, temples, were present for the giant Buddha's hair, eyelashes, nose, lips and lower jaw; Foshen by Gun Hill Constitute, in the mountains Jiufeng connected, as if Buddha's broad chest, waist and rounded fitness legs; feet is enough to tilt the Buddha kusong Hill. Buddha's body as a whole is very realistic, natural, as if Tianzaodishe, there is no trace of artificial Daofu. Wofo watch is in the best position on the Riverside Road in the city of Leshan, "Fuk the door."

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