Saturday, January 10, 2009

Huang Zesi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Zesi, China is the only female Emperor Wu of the temple worship. Guangyuan is located west banks of the Jialing River. Is a key state protection unit. Hou Shu Huang Zesi was founded in Canton 22 years of governance (AD 959), the original Huangze Si, Linjiang is a "day of the door", "grooming days after the House," "Fun House" (Xi Lou), Also "Maitreya Hall," "Temple Guanyin iron" building. Wu folklore for the death of God, the temple was built to give her name, "Wong Chak" hope "memory" that will benefit Xiang Zi, which worship the temple has been dedicated to her true capacity, and 23 of the first lunar month every year Have held a grand temple, go to the people of Guangyuan Teramae Tan Ze own designated area boat races, Wu Hou Yu Bay birthday commemoration. Huang Zesi within days, while there are reservations Temple, the center column Cave, the Big Buddha House, a small South China Sea, Lvzu Court, the five Buddha Pavilion, Wangjiang floor, a new Queen's Hill, the Song Dynasty tomb wall reliefs. Dian Huang Zesi days while it is at the center hall, hanging on Dianmen Wenting Hand-written reads "Temple days," Guo is on both sides of the autographed book title couplets, the Alliance is a "political Kai Kai Yuan Zhihong Chen-kuan," Xia Lian as a "flow-ray was jiange benefit the state." Hu is the middle of the hall are days like stone, an air of serene, wearing an embedded a small statue of Bao crown, dressed in coat color Ying Luo, chest bare arm, a Buddhist Notre Dame Play. Wu stone as the history of gold loaded twice, as the old, by the time the Republic of China have been falling. In early 1993, the Government governor of Sichuan Province Xiao Yang in person concerned, to raise funds in October and then re-loaded payments. Wu is like a stone with a brand-new Jinshen visitors to the show. Another piece of stone is on Smooth incised lines of positive as Gongzhuang Wu, beautiful and Hui-Min, an ancient poem praising its: "Marie-hung peerless beauty, dressed Mien Wan Chong tassel; honor of their profession Chen Chao, Zaifu before the Court in more. VI Hing-foot orphans catastrophe, as the future high-Yang-Feng Gong; residual water left to stay fiber Shan Ying, Yan still hung Fashion drunk. " With well-preserved in 1955 unearthed Hou Shu-Canton 22 years of a political monument, which is born Wu Guangyuan one of the strong evidence. Display hall has an inscription of the Soong Ching Ling "in the history of China's only female emperor in feudal times outstanding female politicians" and addressed to Guo Guangyuan County People's Government of the letters, The poetry of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shang-yin, "Jiang Li, Tan made." Cave of the central pillar, is located in the Hall of days above the cave about 13 cubic meters in the middle of a complete pillars, in fact, is a beautiful design by the tower, Shek Pik on three sides are inscribed with Buddha, Sakyamuni is the middle, is about Wenshu , Fugen, around 3 Buddha A flying dragon, according to the person concerned to verify the moment when the Northern Zhou Dynasty. House to the Big Buddha, located in the center above the grotto. Cave 7 meters high and 5 meters wide and 3.8 meters deep. This is a niche China during the Tang dynasty stone carvings Cliff works the middle of the Big Buddha Sakyamuni, about 6 meters high, solemn, grand vision, the right and left Book and the all-carving realistic, lifelike. Behind the Big Buddha engraved with the "Dragon", in Choi Wan changing, albeit not very clearly, very lively.

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