Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jin Yan Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Yan Hu a Guanghan City, a modern European style gardens covering an area of more than 800 acres, surrounded on three sides by water, dense forest, birds Cluster, a rich aquatic plants, and that 200 acres of natural width in the Great Lakes there is such a beautiful legend.
A long time ago, the Peach State Xian Gu see Han (Han Gu Chen Guanghan state) Renjiedeling, scenery Ya, Fan Chen in private, made a day regulation, the penalty for the West Buddha pian prisoners in the North in front of a tearful Sham (cash Yan Hu in the Great Lakes). Later, people in the water next to Da Feng Yuqiao frame, plastic pian, in Xian Gu Wei-da. A foreign antique dealers with Bao Wen-yan, it Daobao Heart Health, But who would have thought just a touch then, it crashed into the da pian Into four gold Guangcan Can Jinyan into the sky. This 4 Jinyan from time to time in the spin over the Formation of water, Han state for the benefit of its light, which was regarded as auspicious, a symbol of prosperity. Park entrance is on the plastic off the Youth Pre-employment has four bronze statue of Jinyan.
Jin Yan Hu to spacious, bright and clean the Great Lakes, the verdant green Lawn, lush green onions out of the big forests, water has become a unique botanical garden, giving a strong sense of return to nature. At the same time, is set for pleasure, recreation, accommodation in one multi-functional, comprehensive park. At present, large and medium-sized recreational facilities over the past 20 months, Chengdu is the recreational facilities of the larger parks One. There Jinyan Palace, voice-activated sculpture Chinese zodiac, the Peach Blossom Hill, Colin columns, Greece promenade lying Hushan more than 30 attractions, scenic spots.
Park every year to organize various activities and large-scale flower show. Sixteenth day of every year, private contractors Guanghan been sung for a long time, "Bao Bao's Day" activities. March-April Held a grand scale in the spring of the flower show, Dutch tulips, primrose Germany, the Luoyang peony flowers, and so on.
In late October, organized large-scale exhibition of chrysanthemum. At the same time foreign contractors, large-scale, various activities.

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