Saturday, January 10, 2009

North pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? on Jiang in the White Pagoda Temple in the civil Jiang circulated a beautiful story. Legend has it the Song Dynasty have one religious brother and sister are successfully implemented, the majority of supernatural powers. Day, brother and sister to travel far and wide in the River, flooding in the river when the disaster fell. In order to save the people, brothers and sisters decided to build the pagoda in the town water, ensuring peace. They agreed: brother Jian Comply with Temple, built-mei, the northern tower, to prevent mortals to see, before the cock tower and the temple built.
Brother and sister were the magic facilities, the construction of hands-on through the night.
Brother careless work, busy days and fear the temple built on the northern mountains to see a sister tower construction. See his sister is being built on top of the plants decorate, Road-mei's ability more than their own, Dunqi jealous of heart, Timing will learn rooster. Mei hear the cock, scared up a distortion, and tossed flowers in the hands of Jiang Kai, which later became the plants in Jiang's specialty chrysanthemum stone, and the North Tower was also the sister with the long-term body tilt.
Her sister want to build the north tower, often white Loaded, sitting cross one's legs tower in practice, get into Zhengguo. People in order to avoid misfortunes difficult, often go to the North Tashan Koujian Xian Gu, requests for help. Induction as a result of very efficacious and later said she was white as the Kuan Yin, also known for her Baita Xian Gu. After the first lunar month every 11 (White Pagoda Xian Gu birthday) and June 11 (White Pagoda was Xian Gu ), Tashan up and down the North sea of people, an area where hundreds of people came from all directions, to pay respect to the majestic tower cents, to pray bless peace and begged hard to avoid misfortunes.
Late Song Yuan, people in the north to build the temple at the foot of Tashan, with white plastic audio-visual concept, name and the White Pagoda Temple. Temple was destroyed in the war. In 1993, in River County for the implementation of religious policy, approval of the rehabilitation and the White Pagoda Temple. Just more than two years, a new antique buildings where they stand, their scale and speed of Jiaokou all of great admiration. Only slightly more than three years, has a five-Hall, the life of three buildings, seven Pavilion (including 10 minutes Gulou , With a total construction area of 5850 square meters, large-scale antique buildings completed quickly. At present, the overall momentum of the magnificent temples, resplendent; Diaolianghuadong Terauchi, the inscription on the proliferation of open courtyard, numerous flowers and trees, even the ladder back to the gallery, so visitors are often far away.

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