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Yunnan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuntaishan, located in Guangyuan City Yuan Baqu large rural territory of North Korea, 15 km away from JIANMENGUAN Kwan, 20 km away from the ancient city of Zhao Hua, is a legend, DENG Ai Wei will be reprisal after the killing of the head from, it is also known as the "head Hill. " People often live in fine weather in the rain, clouds and Lueshen Choi Ha-off, in the mountain peak, it is also known as the "Yunnan . "Mountain view, the concept of morning sunrise, sunset clouds look, feel there is an immortal emergence, to keep aloof from the world of pleasure. To this end, Yuntaishan Emei is known as the Small said." Qing Zhi-unification "set: poll Hill Zhao Hua County, 45 in the West, the prominent mountain, like a head. Changxing Later Tang Dynasty in the early cutting Shu, Wang Zhi Wei Ling from the white head Shan , A JIANMENGUAN South, that is, this also.

  Yuntaishan boulder-chu-chu, even the clouds roll, 1254 meters above sea level, Zhu Feng is around the first, steep cliffs, mountains, craggy rocks, steep winding paths, verdant trees, strange Zhu Xing, Cao problems, the habitat of animals and birds . "Yi Xiantian" unusually dangerous Also known as the "only-hole" in the Lao legend Alchemy. "Hall of Guanyin," the idea of new construction, will spring from the rocks within view of audio-visual leads in the hands of Yu Ping, and intermittent flow regularly, all year long continuous stream, all this climbing, have a few to drink, wash hands wash , The Legend of water to eliminate disease disaster, and Effects of beauty. Peak production is expected to far on the floor, Sichuan main temple. Chuan main temple from the original water is the active Li Bing and his son, people worship 4:00, intended to pray for good weather. Building long-term perspective, is 19 light so that the Department of Mao Ji founded the soil. Hill has a "child-play" (rock), the word for newly married couples seeking children, here in the back Children play hole, backhand throw stones, such as those thrown into the holes of Health will be able to get Dragon Seed, and Fangsheng Chi, 99 ladder, and so on.

Fifth of the first lunar month and June 24 for the day will be. During the temple fair, the Quartet Hong amount of tens of thousands of visitors. Then a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Shao Yu here to stay, "the revitalization of the mountain," the inscription. Phase Tang Minghuang been to the Hill. Civil rumors, here are the gods come true, so it Dachaoshan to worship Buddha, the wishes of believers flocked to his own people too numerous to mention. "North Korea" in the name of the session "pilgrims" come from.

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