Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jia Zhou Small Three Gorges - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Zhou Small Three Gorges in the city of Leshan in Sichuan NATO's 23 km Minjiang Hill. Gap North to Plowshares, back in Mindanao for the Gap, for the South-Qiang Xia, 8 km in length. Ancient region is to chengdu Jia Zhou (Leshan today) and the Sichuan out of the water and land transport channels, meandering river gorge area, blue river, the beautiful scenery of the two sides. Gap in the water below Liangbi Rock gully, the production of Jiang's mission, for-Jiazhoumingyao. Ping Xia Qiang from the following section of Leshan to Jiang Liu, also known as Ping Jiang Qiang, a lot of monuments along the river, long enjoyed a good reputation, Li Bai, "Song of Mount Emei," poetry "into the video-Qiang Jiang's current" sentence, that is this. Gangnam-Qiang I have a small town on the east coast, 000 River Itabashi, Tang said Qingxi Station, the Department of history Yizai Liao send big boss, Du Fu, "Chang Huai-yi Qingxi places outside the ten member brother," poetry. Itabashi the lower reaches of the river about 5 kilometers in the West Bank foothills of the Jin Jiang Lai Chi Wan, Lai Chi-rich, delicious world-famous. Li Yuan love tune "title from litchi map," a poem "life full knowledge of the Lingnan Shu, the taste is not as Jiazhou color."

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