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Rochester town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The ancient town of Rochester, Jianwei Xian is located in the north-east, 60 km from the city of Leshan. Ancient Town Hall Street, Main Street cooler known as the "boat-shaped street," Chong Zhen Ming Dynasty, founded in the first year (1628). Today, the survivors of Lao Cai Ming and Qing Dynasties retains some of the old era of human culture in Sichuan style.

19 3 years in Guangzhou international trade at the exchange, Sichuan Province, Southwest China Architectural Design Institute has been on display in the air overhead into the city, "Street boat-shaped" graphic, the graphic results of the tender in Australia were selected to attend the two sides in April that year Initialed the agreement. In the near future, from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other eight countries and regions to invest Composed of Australia, "China City Limited", in Melbourne, Australia 24 km City Department of City locks, the city began to invest in "Street boat-shaped" mother "China Town" and the city covers an area of 9 ha , The floor area of about 30,000 square meters. In March this year, UNESCO Officials of the city were studied. The southern suburbs of Chengdu Shi Yang terminal market, a number of classes per day sent to the city bus.

  In the reinforced concrete-block has been the difference between where the vast majority of Chinese, is not a city at once attracted people to be able to. As the main streets There is no mainstream architecture is a lot of features to speak of the mosaic-box construction of the Quartet, at least on the surface, this many people were described as "old culture in Sichuan Province to carry the tripod for" one-size-fits around the town and the town has no How much different. However, the roadside along the way, such as those large barrels of red iron pipe caught my attention Initially, I thought it was some of the pipe or tubing, then a city to inquire about, to know that this is salt water transmission pipelines - the two main economic pillars of the city for the coal-black, white salt, salt from the salt water through Jishi Li iron pipes have been shipped outside the five-Town, where salt water from treatment plants into solid sales outside Well Salt .

Mosaic-like mediocrity as both the building and garish kitsch of the bunker blocked the city's Street, records everywhere in the streets covered with Qingshi Ban has already become a concrete way. Under the new Street and Interchange Street, filled with a variety of sub-grocery store, restaurant and ice cream vendors flies, and some people at the head table, large wood sorrel Zhu Tourou to eating, and some were lying on a high stool at a leisurely pace fan shaking the cloth tied on the Pushan. Cool Street is the Office of the old city at the center of the times, it was the local people called "boat-shaped street," a length of 209 m, 9.5 m widest point, looked completely like a ship or a huge wooden spindle. The Fudong Zhao Bianti aged beauty of the Street is said to be China's only a boat-shaped streets, "Street boat-shaped" on both sides of the wooden structure is a long row of the old Tile House, street anomaly generous side of the roof, called the formation of a "cold-Office "The rare promenade, which is supported by more than 100 root in the six-length article on the pillars Logs. For centuries, people in this city are not afraid of the sun and rain, "Cool sub-Office" to drink, eat meat, drink tea, listen to the ditty, Tao Erduo, leaf tobacco smoke,?????, enjoy the world of the Red Qingfu . "Cool sub-Office" that there are now some disappeared without a trace of the old shops, such as three, Feng Shop, and Frederick Henry, to the four-tang, Qingyuan, and so long, replaced by a variety of clothing stores, small shops, department stores, general merchandise stores, hardware store, barber shop, funeral goods stores, hotels, tea house, martial arts, Zhuang shoes, photo studio, bar, clinics, which house the largest number, about a dozen.

Shostakovich once said: "A lot of things we have in front of the old and fade away, but I think that many things seem to have the final passage of time would make it fresh, strong and eternal." This makes me sad because today, living in Sichuan this land of the majority of people have been unaware of the Interface represents the former Sichuan culture is the oldest boat-shaped street, and not everywhere, a new large-scale construction of the weather in Chengdu.

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