Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long and Kowloon arena Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon 36 to leave the political arena, a wide lake, the perimeter curve close to 100, 15 long, 1.2 widest point, with surface area of 5.2 square kilometers with a total capacity of 25,000,000 cubic meters. Island Lake in the size of 9, 16 highway bridges, 116 bridges, through the waters of Anyue. The island Tree-lined, lake fishing boat in waves, "Shui Sau, Shan-ching, fish fat, fruity," especially enchanting pastoral scenery. Kowloon Gap town 3 km, 5 km long gorge, the water 50 meters wide and 20-30 meters deep, the water area of 2.5 square kilometers. Water can boat, along winding paths, rotten Yamahana , Ha waves, the cool breeze blowing gently, like a beautiful Guilin, so there is "little Guilin". 3 km boat trip, in the face of a majestic mountain Junba and proudly stand. Hill was the local people as "bandits Hill," Legend has it that there is a late Ming and early Qing armed men camped in the mountains, like robbery, a number of entrenched ?. Peak Hill also has a Shihmen, engraved above the "natural Walled" a few characters, I see people think of the words of the Song Jiang, "Church loyalty." Here and look at the Shanguangshuise Guzhai into heaven, it is a bit of Liangshan Shuibo situation, so some people will call it as a "hero Gap." Here Gap has Kowloon City Entertainment, has given people the feeling is: do not want to leave here, to want to go.

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