Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guo's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sandy is a great contemporary writer Guo's birthplace, "Hill Yuk-sui, Mo Chung Ling High Water", this is the literary history of Sandy Bay on the words of praise. Trans-Bay City smoothness of the North-South Street in the middle, take a west to east into four Chuandou wood cottage, which is renowned in the former residence of China's Guo.

Mo's former home near the water before and after the Sui according to Hill, was established in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years after the gradual expansion of the business to Guo Guo Chaopei father over the family business, the current size of a room the size of a total of 36. Today, it still maintained the ancient style and features. Guo's early poems, "to get up early," and "tea Creek," and "that is, Cunju "That is, for this. Guo House Museum is located in old walls, occupies an area of 3.35 hectares, for the first floor of a courtyard at the end of the San antique-style building. Museum display hall, Guolao book, the cultural life and information and photos, counter-counter, a frame, paintings, pieces were displayed in a public area It is respect.

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