Saturday, January 10, 2009

For Guang Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sichuan Leshan Buddha's suburban Lake landscape. Cui up the mountain, waterfowl flocks of tourists do pleasantly surprised. See groups of wild ducks to the lake covered with quiet, egrets, gray heron in the inter-play Zhiya, remain top of the tree Heron, the Attitude of the beautiful people are fascinated. According to the 74-year-old text on behalf of the elderly Xun Shan Hong, Here in the winter of more than 1,000 ducks, 700 more than a number of egrets and herons, and the smaller body, such as bamboo chicken, and more on the Kingfisher. Peach season in full bloom, the Buddha of the Egret Lake into the world, and last year both here in 3000 Egret breeding habitat, the lake is simply a Egret Island Kingdom. Lake where the Buddha, the original local people call them "rotten red field" in the past all the Palestinian mud fields, the number grows no crops, has been a headache for local farmers. In 1993, Lam Tourism Development Corporation saw this place, began to repair the col between the channel for irrigation water, became the Buddha Circuit Lake. Later, they Shrimp fish the lake, Lake also the heart of the island and mountain land Junction Wa Duan, making it an island. There are food, housing, Buddha Lake gradually attracted the arrival of the birds.

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