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Crown Ridge in the first tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Crown Ridge is located in Beihai City in the first West End to make a total length of 3 kilometers from the main peak afford Ling (Ching dynasty had set up a "sigh" at the top of the top, 120 meters above sea level) with the throttle Ling, Ling Ah bun, ra-day groups such as the composition of the mountain , Extending to the north-east ridge south of Er Zhi Shi-step, and submersible to the same vein with the stone steps to Ling Ling Kok connected.

The whole mountain to Like, "such as the vault crown," named after. Mountain for sandstone rock, Xi Lu into a steep erosion by the waves. Under the waves rock the shore, thundering Chao Sheng, which "Chao Yin Longyan" has become a major North Sea landscape.

  Xiong Zhi Ling in the first crown in the northern Bayside, Beihai City, south-west side to do, overlooking the ancient Zhuchi, "Lian Haimen The said.
The first in the history of Leng crown for the coastal stronghold, Wu Ming-hong eight years for anti-harassment Haikou, the creation of Battery in the side of the main peak, the surviving relics. At present, Ridge has increased the top of the lighthouse, climbing a direct route to the ridge top of the road. After the founding of the PRC, over the Green Ridge, the current crown Ridge has become the first state-level forest park. 1988 Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of the first crown Forest Park Ridge. Beihai City in 1995 issued by the Planning Board Forest Park land area of 245.7 hectares scope of the plans. Forest Park to the current pine trees for the construction of the main group of species, with an area of about 3,000 acres of forest land. Park site for the national crown in the first Forest Ridge Park, is an early stage of construction, natural vegetation dominated by pine forest, there are 10 scattered open space, mountain pools and a half toward the sea towards land and a half, according to an altitude of 70 meters north of the Peak, the highest for the first Ridge National An integral part of Forest Park.

Botanical Garden is divided into forest areas, landscaped areas, orchard and vegetable garden area district. Inside More than 100 varieties of fruits, flowers. There longan fruit cultivation, wood pineapple, star fruit, yellow fruit, and so on. Keeping a parrot, starling, a bird of coral, such as the lark more than 10 kinds of birds. Planning is built Hai Ting Wang, Hua Guoshan, Shuilian Dong, the Yangtze River, Yellow River, a small stone forest, small reservoirs, and other spots around the miniature landscape, and planning expansion To 80 acres. The complete Botanical Garden began in 1994.

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