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Beibu Gulf Square - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bay Plaza, located in the northern part of the urban centers of North Bay Road in the north, Sichuan Road, Evergreen Road intersection, was established in December 1985, the original square area of 2 hectares from the National influential than 6 months of construction planning, Accreditation by the Department of Architecture of Qinghua University winning design. City departments in the garden design On the basis of scientific and technological personnel of the design configuration, in the spring of 1986 in the north of the Bay Plaza had a green plant cultivation, according to the planning of the square in a kind of longan, Muk Min, Araucaria, leave tall tree nuts such as Ping. The Plaza is located in the north is an ancient banyan in 1986 by the Ching Ming Garden, and other departments of 17 single - About 300 people a day use the transplant team carried out the transplant, the former municipal Jiefang Road in front of an age of 120 years, even with mud Root weight of about 60 tons of ported to the northern part of the ancient banyan Bay Plaza, which is the North Sea Guangxi in the history of the garden as well as a major initiative.
  In 1986, according to the square Built on the north side of "Nan Zhu Soul" sculpture, sculpture-building programs in China by the famous sculptor, Professor Ye Yushan design, the whole sculpture occupies an area of 600 square meters, by the pool, carving group, the monument consists of three parts body. A circular pool with a diameter of 13.8 meters, 150 square meters to store water, a symbol of the sea; stand up to a central pool M pearl shell-style monument, a three-dimensional three-page title in a shell with a diameter of 1 meter stainless steel balls, a symbol of the light-emitting Yi Yi Bao-zhu in the breeding of pearl; around the pool in the main body around the monument there are three groups of the unique sculpture, They are riding a fish Cheng Hai Zhu M, riding a sea turtle for the young fishermen and the hippocampus has thrown for riding, Group statue of up to 5 meters with copper alloy casting. In 1993, additional lighting and water fountains, when night fell, the monument, carved base, lighting, fountains with cross-Hui Ying, the scene is very rich and grand.
  From 1996 to 1997, to meet the needs of urban development, the municipal government invested 1 000,000 yuan in the north of the Bay Plaza, the third-phase project carried out a large-scale expansion and transformation of the square from the area of 2 hectares to 4 hectares to expand. After the transformation of the expansion of the plaza from the northern Gulf, "Nan Zhu soul," the central area, assembly area Square, District axis, cultural plaza area, large lawn area of five functional areas, and so on, " Zhu soul "for the statue of the landmark buildings for the central area of the square at the heart function, to pools, fountains, carved around the base and three large flower bed on the magnificent" Nan Zhu Soul "sculpture as a foil to constitute a fully demonstrates the Nanzhu And local cultural characteristics, the visitors into the city to watch the scenery and stop at the square at the center of the landscape. Provisional Sichuan Road space is hard to meet the small-scale meetings, leisure activities, mainly Square district assembly, assembly plaza area with tall green tree leaves wide basin shelf for the main tree species, the sub-tropical tree full of features, smooth and simple tree, tree Beautiful, were stacked pyramid, as if Zhetianbiri an umbrella to form a clean and tidy The market environment for leisure activities.

Bay Road near the northern part of the cultural plaza area by the tree-lined square, Plaza, open-air performances and exhibition of three parts. Green Square, lined with a choice of the South features broad-leaved tree species as the main water Shi Rong, which can grow under the tree pruning or Cheng Fang Chu-shape, and form the rules Place the neat green landscape, set up under the tree are simple and generous, unique tropical style "C"-shaped wooden chair, as well as on the design of the active form of reading Bao Lan, performing open-air plaza is built using the original terrain open the Public cultural and entertainment places to rest, an area of about 2000 square meters, according to the original terrain has Water-shaped wall, a giant relief, "Ocean Melody", the open-air stage performances, music cafe, the spectator stand on the class ladder, arcade-style shops, flower-slope, the disabled ramp, and other facilities, gardens, creating a pleasant and elegant, unique landscape Outdoor environment; exhibition hall is the original use of water from the reservoir transformation top Spherical shell-shaped form of a very unique building, covering about 500 square meters, with an arched brick structure of the beam, not only to retain the history of the construction process, but also as a public exhibition hall, the Plaza's rich cultural content.

Cheung Road and "Nan Zhu Soul" sculpture in the plaza between the axis area, on both sides of a two-axis Large lawn, the lawn near the road planning and the square along the road of the coconut tree planting, nuts, brown sugar, and other large tropical palm plants, flowers and ribbon and the use of large plastic flower and shrub configuration, the entire square with the hard ground Soft ground suitable proportion, effective intervention, reflect the strong sub-tropical scenery of the city, A strong sense of the modern city, after Reconstruction through the northern part of Wan Plaza, the five areas can function independently and close contact with each other as a whole, the formation of a "center of a three-wing" of the overall structure of space, well-established, as a whole The system features a modern city square, the North Sea into the city to visit, enjoy, Open, assembly, organized by the main places of cultural and recreational activities.

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