Monday, January 12, 2009

Beach Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yintan Beach Park is a national holiday tourism an important part of the district, located in the center of the North Sea 10 km south of the Yintan in the central North Sea. Park made up of three parts, with the Eastern Qin, chess, books, art: it is the middle of the beach, sea activities; marine life is the Western Hall, Children's Pool, a large open-air dance floor, and other components of the Le district, can accommodate more than 60,000 visitors.

Known as' Asia's most 'of the giant stainless steel sculpture - "surge" in the 23 meters in diameter steel ball great, 7 fairy holding an olive branch, also flying dance, full of dynamic. Around the "boom" of 5250 by the nozzle of the composition of the artificial sound Fountain.

Whenever night fell, color laser Kuang Wu, colorful arouse the water. And echoed in the park over a magnificent musical composition of the great picture.

Park, 1.5 km long, 200 m wide beach is a rare natural bathing beach, leisure The movie heaven.

Park also has fast-food restaurants, large-scale barbecue, beach volleyball, beach soccer, golf driving ranges, open-air square dance, leisure visitors to the square and children's water park, motorized water sports, speed, ice-skating, and other entertainment projects.

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