Monday, January 12, 2009

Taishi Wei doline - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishi Wei County, located in the music industry with the brush to the town on the north side of the village, Henan is a red side of the water in the dry-hot valley area, the Ministry of Land and Resources drop-rock geology experts and experts in the field of karst caves inspections, demonstrations and Taishi Wei of the underground area of virgin forest in the world First, about the depth of 613 meters, the world of similar large-capacity hopper in the second, a long 600 meters to 420 meters wide, the volume of 080,000,000 cubic meters, but also in the world's second largest, the world's "holy karst" reputation.
Here is a unique set of Qi Jue-jung and virgin forest and rare plants and animals in one vertical shaft to form a natural bottom of the hole there, a hole River Concept. Two underground rivers underground river rapids, and the intersection with hot and cold, tall and straight hole stalagmite problems, Qiao Ran tower columns, transparent rock crystal screens, stone waterfall everywhere, the extraordinary combination of style, with high aesthetic appeal. In Taishi Wei Qi Jue unique and the surrounding villages of a hundred holes, Tree, Su Hang, Tang Jia Tuo, a Mongolian, Son, blocks, Huang Jing, Feng Yan, Tuo, piercing more than 20 Shek Wai, to form the world's unique "doline group." "Doline group of" peripheral, and to take gas holes, wasp holes, cut wood on the hole when the next hole, Xiong family-East, West, and other holes more than 30 attractions and facilities of the cave scenic red seven or eight red Realignment and the former site of the ancient paper-making workshops, many here have become archaeologists, flora and fauna experts, explorers and adventure travel enthusiasts Xunyou a good place.
Taishi Wei doline group as a whole is the most powerful attractions is a rare natural scenery of the Holy Land tourism. Taishi Wei landscape can be divided into the following non - Several viewing content: ?? ?? tourists outside. Standing tall on the stage of the tour, the view of the world-first in the capacity of the karst funnel, the momentum of the grand scene of spectacular, self-evident, and Xifeng Taishi Wei stood, looking down the mountain peaks of continuous long-term And people feel the magic of nature. Bottom forest tourism. It stepped into a unique, mysterious underground wonders of the primeval forest, it's rare flowers, rare birds and animals, green trees, giving people a unique experience.
Watch the underground river adventure. Taishi Wei at the bottom of a deep underground rivers criss-crossing, a gesture million The expression of different stalactite cave, there are fish, crabs, and other rich people Groundwater, the world is a rare beauty of the hole.
Taishi Wei tourists around. Taishi Wei seat of the foot Tuen Shiraiwa, roadside flowers and fragrance, dense forests Tsui, tree-lined, mountain and fell, peaks between odd poetic, it is to hang around A memorable one.
Karst cave tourism. Cave in which thousands of groups, colorful, exquisite visible of all types of caves Sediments secondary chemical, representing all the pieces of exquisite pieces of art, each hole has a different landscape, you have to sigh nature of the uncanny workmanship.
In short, come here, you will enjoy the world, "doline" museum and the cave, "Cave of the international expedition base," the powerful and spectacular, "national geological sites" and "World Natural Heritage" the unique charm.

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