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Ting Dongpo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongpo Lianzhou large pavilion at the East Gate Street Hepu Normal School campus, easing streams booths around the green, weeping into a negative, the beautiful scenery. Yuan Fu three years the Northern Song Dynasty (1110), Su amnestied from the Danzhou Lianzhou migration had stayed in the garden of the Tang Ching Lok Hin and the Changchun-ting, only live for two months, during the writing of "Lianzhou longan Zhu can not taste the enemy lychee "and" net line hospital overnight rain "and the poem" Hepu the elderly in mind the phrase "notes. After his man-mark the Qing construction of the Lok Gu Zhi Xuan east slope of the pavilion.

Dan Yan-ting for Dongpo, Xie Shanding structure of the South Block to the north, around two hours into the ring to the gallery, the floor area of about 160 ping Meters. Do not pavilion for the first into the second into the main pavilion. Do not pavilion on both sides of the yen has two doors, hanging above the main entrance of the main pavilion "Dongpo Pavilion" big board bearing the words, in order to iron Zen monk by the book. In front of the main pavilion and around the ancient circle each gable window, the same corridors around the pavilion, both within and outside the booths set with many of the stele, the stele-book-kai, grass, Li, seal characters Wide. The pavilion has a front wall Su Yin Wen, like stone, like the Su, Xiang charitable side, Jiongran eyes, read their goods Xianfengdaogu, the style you can still feel the Yin? Big wave to Jiang Tao Jin " When the surging passion and the heroic momentum. Dongpo as in the top of the "Sin officials trace left behind" 4. Kiosks around Around the corridors in order to not only blocked the scorching sun exposure, wind and rain erosion of the destruction, during which visitors walk through, Tianran can enjoy the scenery in the garden wall and tablets.

Booths set with the left side of the corridors in the Su Lian time to write all the poems. A head count, there were as many as 9. Whether "high yield" the right not to say, and Bishi Su, was on several occasions have been demoted, after exile, having aged down, but he was not the old poem, poetic inspiration indemnity strong, awesome big heart, for my generation have no preference. Yes. Generation as a master, literary scholar, Su went, the total is also not forget his singing poetry. Yelanrenjing alone unaccompanied, the poet sigh? Qu t; listen to the rain forest on the bed, static-free lights as miserable "; handheld longan, Chujingshengqing, poet Di Yin," the barbaric Feiru shame, escape Feizi live "; liquor into the feeling of sadness, too Sheng Xiao ears. poet shallow sing: "Dongpo drunk cooked ground call, but my tinnitus goes for labor." Footprints direction direction poems reflected on the east slope of playing with the sprinkling , And the poem, the poet is no longer a simple perception of life, compact display, is a necessity of life, is marrying a poet and love of life can not be two and a sigh of Yong Ming and Xiao.

Booths inside and outside of the transfer also set off by the man of the ages read Tiyong east slope of the Stone Tablets. Pavilion in the east and east slope of wells, as legend Su Since the digging, she Qinglie well water.
According to the "Hepu County," it reads: Dongpo Pavilion "when it was built in test loss. Qing Emperor Qianlong 1952 (1776) reconstruction. Light, Xianfeng, Xuantong again after several years of construction. In the first year of September Lian State Board of gunpowder exploded, booths were razed to the ground. In seven years, re - . Anti-Japanese War, Japan Pavilion for the plane to blow up. In 33 years at the former site of the reconstruction. "Now that the east slope of the pavilion. Although several were destroyed, on several occasions been able to rebuild again, and Wan Jie is immortal, is also regarded as one of the wonders.
Ting Su Dongpo's really like a rough life, several ups and downs. The drop again. Final However, high-spirited is to stand between die prematurely. Kang Ji Qing Dynasty in its field, "Su Gong remains in mind" in the time-resistant pen: "Lim Dong-po who were involved with and love the public is also worried." A few booths, Su is in the minds of people to high-rise The monument will not be brought down.

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