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White Dragon Pearl City site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pearl City was once the ancient proud Nanzhu signs we are seeing now is the ancient city of Zhuhai residue of historical sites in this town in the territory Tieshan, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, about 60 kilometers from the North Sea.

  This is an ancient city, located 36 km southeast of the city to the town of Sai Ying Pun, White Dragon Village. Pearl City, also known as White Dragon , The ancient legend with a White Dragon fly over here, disappeared on arrival, it was felt that White is auspicious to come, from where the city known as White City. The city on the brink of the sea, not far from the sea there are a number of mother-of-pearl sea, especially in the White Dragon Pool Yangmei largest. Rich history here and pearls, high quality X-Rite, "Nan Zhu" Said the world-famous. Spread over the years of civil fairy tale, "Zhu Hepu also" took place here.

For the city square, 320 meters long from north to south, south-east 233 meters wide, the circumference of 1107 m, 6 m high wall, the base city of 6 meters wide, stone articles for the feet, Huozhuan for the wall, the center pearl yellow folder and Ben Zhu . Area of over 70,000 square meters, points east, south, west of the three, yet the door on the floor there, look to monitor the whole city and the sea, the city set up residence Pearl Fishers, Zhu Field Division, salt and Secretary Ninghai Temple, and so on. Huozhuan build inside and outside the city walls, the center of each 10 cm layer of loess layer folder pearl oyster shell, the layers of foundation, therefore, Pearl City got its name. Wall can be seen around the ancient ruins of the workshop and the increase in the Ming Dynasty imperial minister, "Li Ye monument benevolent," "Yellow God Qusi monument," a relic of the past. Tony residual scattered, are everywhere, we can see that year's Pearl Fishers Sheng.

The ancient city of Zhuhai in the War of Resistance Against Japan is also well-preserved before, during the War of Resistance Against Japan, most of the city wall was demolished and the Shing Mun After the liberation of only a wall and a South Shing Mun, 1958 was also to do damage. Beiting built within the existing small number of tablets, the South Gate City Wall for a 2.6 m high wall of the heart.
  Pearl City has been the site of the Guangxi provincial heritage as a unit. In recent years, funding in Pearl City, built on the ruins of a Ancient architecture, "Pearl Pavilion" for visitors to pay respects.

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