Monday, January 12, 2009

Gong Jing Tian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tian Temple is located in the city of Zigong Gong Jing Zhu Lincun rural areas Artemsia argyi, have long enjoyed a good reputation in front of the Grand Duchy of well sites, there are days Sihou heart Hill, a left temple Jianfengling Hill, Siyou for the winding-yun. North Korea Monastery Ming Hongwu years have elapsed since the six-year-old. Tianchi Lake Temple as a result of a large pool, named Tian Temple. Tianchi Yi Zhang built around the high, more than three feet wide, stone walls, visitors pass a wall, can enjoy the scenery Gongjing region. There are a hundred years in front Huang Jueshu, shade coverage, benefits by quaint atmosphere of quiet, pine and cypress Terauchi, Liucheng Lin Huai, and a proud Haruki, withered away in the spring, winter green leaves branches, visitors are surprised Tianchi Temple Main Hall for the main hall, the center of worship Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha stands on both sides have. There are 800 jin re-grow-foot bronze bell and drum, two major post-lung wound. Main Hall is the back of the permitted Eighteen Lohan, Kwun Yam, Fugen, Monju, as dozens of Buddha. Left Main Hall Shun Yeung is the Temple, and then the right is the Guanyin Hall. Kuan Yin Tong Bao Palace followed by three, three is the Tibetan Treasure Palace upstairs floor. Main Hall is on the right side of the White Horse Temple, with the Hall of Shun Yeung distant relative. Main Hall is the right corner of the abbot, the monk deacon Buddhist temple, the elegant chic, silent. Buddhist temple courtyard around the fragrance of flowers, Yicaotucui. Daxiong Temple, the Temple Chun-yang, between the White Horse Temple has a pool, pool water green, clear bottom, red floating lotus pool, is released back to the lay Buddhist land. Main Hall right corner there are two pools, a red and white flowers, Xi said: Lotus Yan, Chinese Restaurant San Tan.

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