Monday, January 12, 2009

Wenchang Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hepu county is located in Wenchang tower about 3 kilometers to the south, built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, 300 years ago. For the octagonal tower, about 36 meters high, Tazuo 8.1 meters, diameter of 2.6 meters. 7 stacked Miyanzhuanta Shibuya, its shape from the bottom up layer by layer narrowed to the top of a red seeds.

Each What a ventilation door, that door and Feng Kun door, the rest is decorating the doors off, there is the tower ladder, and circled. White tower, corner and edge to edge arch of red, vivid red and white, both simple and beautiful. Plethora of view, panoramic vision of the North Sea.

Taki Tazuo larger than about one meter, long To build a board, was also octagonal. The whole structure of the tower with blue seam on the sticky build, plastering the surface plasma, and its shape from the bottom up layer by layer Shoulong, than a narrow one, over a layer of small and located in the heart tower ladder floor by sequential roundabout Up, to the top of the board. In the bottom of the tower, has opened the door to the East and West, this is the entrance to the .

Wenchang Tower is the name of the South take the small fire civilized society. Wen is now in Guangxi in the south tower of the pagoda crown, which the study of ancient culture and the arts and the mechanical construction of greater value.
Wenchang Tower in 1981 has a repair. In 1982 the county level as a key cultural relics protection Unit.

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