Monday, January 12, 2009

Ling-na wonders - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingyun county seat is located in northern Shan Ying-hui 1 km, the distance across the hole and water for 70's new cave. Cidong three kilometers long, the river inside the cave, there are four seasons long stream, stalactite cave-chu, Shiman, corals, birds and animals such as the odd light shine, thousands. At present, the development of the journey inside the cave, 1,500 m, 7 minutes 3 large area The tourist attractions. In particular, it is the 218 "Lotus basin", the shape, size, grade, the number is far better than the world's geological community recognized Guilin, Yangshuo, "Lianhua Dong", is highly appreciate and value of scientific exploration, known as the "southern section A hole "and TV film scenery," Qi Dong Jing Ling words "in detail the Creation of the wonders of the natural cave.?????per million.

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