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North Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? North Sea Street generally refers to Zhuhai, Zhongshan Road and Road, Street was formed in 1927, before and after, but it has to be traced back to the origin of the mid-19th century. Since then, a number of Western architecture built one after another in the North Sea, after more than half a century of cultural integration and eventually formed today, we have seen Street arcade. These arcade He is not a simple construction of the replica from the deep cultural roots, it flows in the body of the brilliant civilization of the Chinese nation is in the blood, is the East-West cultural collision of a beautiful crystal.
?? Street building for most of two to three, by the end of the 19th Ye, France, Germany and other countries in the construction of the North Sea Things such as the Museum of Western volumes column construction. On both sides of the street wall of windows at the most volume for the arch structure, volume and the outer arch windows are decorated columns to the top line, smooth lines and exquisite technology. Wall street of a different type of decoration and relief, the two groups formed a north-south air sculpture gallery. The construction of these street arcade, is the Road To both sides of the expansion and a shop for an extension of the outside, people walking in the arcade, Zhefengdangyu can, but also to avoid the hot sun; arcade square pillars Heavy heavy, quite architectural style of ancient Rome.
?? chaotic situation created by the construction of the most exciting part of the flower is the top of a wall, the lower part of the rectangular composition, from China The horizontal inscribed board to build this building in the West is no such thing. Horizontal inscribed board, which should have been a calligraphy "a certain attic" and the like, here evolved into a plum relief. Horizontal inscribed board about the problem have also couplets on both sides, full flavor. And it is the most primitive of the Chinese nation is the source of Yanhuang times of internal tribal totem worship, Huang Yan and the two Were down and worship Long Feng, the roof of the building in the middle of the top place of the dragon or phoenix mascot. The mascot as if a main line running through Chinese civilization for thousands of years of history. When it appeared on the arcade in the North Sea, becoming more colorful.
?? many of the upper part of the arcade are the "celestial eye" "Celestial eye" is that the essence of "empty" and "Park." In the Chinese culture, "empty" the concept of a very deep cultural connotation. "The Promise of Health Tai Chi Sheng Liang Yi, Liang Yi-sheng four images, four images and the Eight Diagrams of Health." By an "empty" derived from the splendid oriental culture. This "circle , Contains more world Hopewell, the harmony between man and nature, a unified, united, strong, and so one world culture and philosophy.
?? ?? south of the coastal arcade, is divided into preliminary Fujian and Guangdong were sent. Fujian were due to the chaotic situation created by the local traditional wood carving skills, Li arcade filled with relief patterns on the surface. Guangdong Arcade in Guangzhou as the center, because of a more ancient history, with more tune-oriented style of Lingnan, the stained glass of both style and European style. In the past membership in the North Sea as a result of a directly under the jurisdiction of Guangdong, the Guangdong is the chaotic situation created by the North Sea were a branch of the arcade. However, Fujian, Guangdong arcade, the North Sea is too cumbersome and chaotic situation created by not carving, and More simple, beautiful lines, highlighting the climax, a harmonious whole. The art of dealing with mature, can be wonderful.

?? Western buildings in the North Sea, it corresponds to the historical events of the two treaties, that is, in 1858 the "Treaty of Tianjin" and 1876's "Yantai Treaty", as well as up to half More than a century of the history of semi-colonial period, the North Sea Street is the witness of history.
?? 1927 years ago, Zhuhai road in the North Sea was once the most bustling commercial street, row upon row of shops, mainly in the middle of the shop operating from the Jervois silk, the eastern section of the shop's main operating squid, fit the shoes, shrimp, Dry goods such as dry sea, close to the western section of the sand outside the port, all the shops all cable operators, fishing nets and hooks, Yu Deng, the wind canvas, boat fishermen, such as nail supplies. Over time, the North Sea Street gradually lost its former prosperity, there are a handful of thinly addition to a number of shops operating gear, other stores have been almost For the residential streets of the aging building, but because of Zhuhai road building has been preserved, historians and scientists building as "modern architecture Yearbook."
?? well-known writer Shu Yi (son of Lao She) believes that the way in Zhuhai and Singapore national treasure of the same old street, should protect this very open Street value. British construction experts believe that Mr. Bai Ruide, Zhuhai Road historical and cultural value, not only meaningful in the North Sea and South China, the whole of China, the world until all meaning.
?? Street to walk, you will feel a different cultural atmosphere, where the Street, where the , Where the people, and every door of the air-dried salted fish, you can not help but be forgotten in the city. There are no scenes of busy, older people in the door shaking Pushan large shade, or around chatting together or playing mahjong, their eyes shows calm and serene, as if all the streets and they have a child Like, what has changed.

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