Monday, January 12, 2009

Huan Hou Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huan Hou Temple is located at the junction of China Zigong, known as the Temple of God Zhang, also known as Zhang Feimiao, street built, and built on a small hillside on the edge of the road Hom, so people have to go in Singapore Gordon looking up, plus the on-board door Zhang Fei as the Line inscribed, Nufahengmei Oh, Qiao, is respect. Huan Hou Temple was built in Qianlong period, the beginning of the end of the burning Xianfeng, Tongzhi years rehabilitation, and colleagues in the deliberations, "a pig slaughter each, according to the rules pumping money Bowen II", after the public social baht accumulated, and finally in the first year of Emperor Guangxu (1875) was built . The gatehouse has a single-slope construction of the Mountain Gate, the only stand like a wall of the Mountain Gate, cornices The three-wing roof and Xie Shan Zhong Yan-arc wind to give the dynamic firewall, together with the door and painted reliefs of the more dynamic and not rigid. Under the eaves in the middle Menbian "Huanhou palace," the words in the door on both sides of the Danbian also inscribed with a couplet "Jun would like to know the righteous cause of the war when the North east, single heart gram Jian Taoyuan oath; Chong Fung Si temple today to see micro-wind live life the world still Diaodou Ming. "In the hall for Xilou above, the two-story ceiling with books on both sides of the corridors, rising from the courtyard is the main hall, the main hall for the five-room wooden beam carrying construction, the first part of its concept for the show Shangjing the stands, behind the Zhang Fei was dedicated to the tablets Fang, now stood no statues, wind around cigarettes, but still seemed a bit mysterious, somewhat solemn. Huan Hou Temple is a closed ring construction, as the whole building is built on a slope, so visitors had to wear Gate Gallery to be rising, it gives people a sense of high step by step, and the construction of the palace area Huanhou There are more than 1300 square meters, the architect in such a small space arranged so many single building, and not crowded together, cumbersome feeling, did show a high degree of wisdom and skill building. Huanhou stage of the Palace, the Tower Drum Tower caused Xieshanjuanpeng-roof, the roof style, in the past, the use of non-governmental Less, especially in the South zigong this area, appears to be unique style and extraordinary tolerance. Huanhou decorations throughout the palace also known, and the contour of the roof are part of the clay sculpture and bas-relief decoration, painting and helping with decorative tiles, crystal clear, very beautiful, in Taiwan, along the floor, I also decorated with carvings Board, with Zhuchu stone. A few meters along the boards on the floor, engraved with scenes drama 18, only one person on as many as 184 people, there are a lot of accessories Beijing, and the carving will be working fine, we can all be life-like. Huan Hou Temple is the carcass was selling industry from worship of God Hall, who is also a safeguard The interests of others, the resolution of major issues of place.

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