Monday, January 12, 2009

Lingyun stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stone Mountain features the most state and governance to one of the characteristics of the human landscape. According to the county cultural relics management survey, the existing stone Lingyun 10 parts number 130, the maximum number of words of a stone has more than 2400 words, one of the largest stone of 2 square meters, the rock carvings as early as the Ming Dynasty is a four-year Jingtai (1 Year 53), has been 542 years. Stone content contract, poetry, in conjunction title inscription, inscriptions, and the epitaph, and other travel essays. Mainly in the surrounding county to Fen Zhou, Wuzhishan, water holes, Yuntaishan, Cuiping Shan, Du Xiufeng, Shan Tao for more. Water is the largest stone-carved stone Cliff A total of 50 sites, mostly local officials, celebrities by title, the title of the amount of content, couplets, poems, the poems, essays, such as tablets, a record at the time of the essence of literature; have its regular script calligraphy, Xing Shu, Lishu, Wei Shu, Zhuanshu, self-contained, different style, a strong vigorous pen, exquisite art, high Literary, artistic value, for the county unit heritage.

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